Illusional Reality – The Quest.

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Hello traveler, welcome to Tsinia.

Do not stray from the path as there are riches to be found.


Hello I am Thya, guardians of the Changlings and rightful ruler of Tsinia.


It’s not that I’m stubborn –  look, I was taken from my home, transported to a magical dangerous place and then told that my whole life was a lie and I’m supposed to be the saviour to a race I know nothing about and then I’m told I have to marry the son of a dark warlord, and that it had all been prearranged.  Let me ask you, if you were in my position what would you do? How would you feel?
And they say I’m stubborn!


Greetings I am Alkazar tutor of the arts.


Come walk with me to the Recas.  Grenko has laid a splendid meal for you. Forgive me, I forget you are a traveler. Grenko retains the ability to grow things if it originate from the ground, such as fruits, vegataion, flowers.

No, Grenko did not grow the trees in Tsinia. They are very old and have been around for as long as I can remember.  

The mountain that is shrouding Tsinia is the mountain of Senx. Darthorn is a wicked ruler, a witch, I believe you would name him. Yes, a warlock, of course. Darthorn has always desired the Changlins and their power. He employs dark magic.

Fear not, you are safe. We have arrived.

Before you can enter our queen’s domain, you must answer a riddle to show you are true of heart, answer wrong and you will feast on the ground where you stand.

A container without hinges lock or key. Yet a golden treasure lies inside me.
What am I? 

Write down your answer.

Now that your are nourished let us continue our walk. Omad is waiting for us at the Recas. 

Sadly, nay. Not all Tsinians are born with a gift. I myself have the pleasure of teaching the young how to control and employ their gifts.

Tis true, those that posses the gift of Sonica have increased hearing capabilities. We were warned of Darthorn’s attack with a mist of poison and we were prepared.

Arh, and here is Omad  You are highly skilled in knowledge. It was a delight to converse with you. May the grace of the Changlins look favorably on you.


Welcome traveler, Salco and Athron are in attendance. Follow me we will converse. I am certain you have many questions? 

Write down a question about Tsinia or the book Illusional Reality

You are correct, yes the Recas, Plecky, Tora and Escos are the only land constructions. We dwell up high within the ancient trees. The Tora is the dwelling of our gifted healer, Valcan. That is the Plecky and is of no concern to you. The Recas you have seen, and here we come to the Escos.

Enter and when inside, you will stand on the star in front of you. Farewell traveler.

Welcome, I am Salco. I was dispatched on Earth to retain our princess, the rightful queen, home. You may recognise her as Becky


You shall answer three questions, these were compiled by Alkazar, as he holds fondness to your planet. Answer correctly and succeed in your task you are one step away from the reward.

I am Athron reader of the oracles.


Answer but three.

The Sahara desert is smaller than Mexico. True or false?

Earth is bigger than Mars. True or false?

Goldfish only have a memory of three seconds. True or False?

Why do you snigger. Alkazar retains a document of knowledge on Goldfish. 

With haste you will depart, the orb is waiting. Good journey to you traveler.

Answers and questions to be sent to Karina
Those with correct answer will be put in a draw, the winner will have a gift from the lucky dip.

This amazing book is free on Kindle Unlimited and only $2.99 retail.
Thank you for supporting this independent author and her work.

Step out of reality and into an illusion.





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