LAWLESS JUSTICE 18+ vigilante MC thriller
Book 3 of the OUTLAW series (stand alone)

KK Lawless Justice (2) - Copy

April 2009  *****

If your sitting in a bar in London, and six beautiful women enter wearing black leather jackets, with a logo of a cats paw on the back, sit down, shut up,and behave. If you don’t, they will either hook you up, or knock you out. The Kittenz have arrived! Karina has put together a book that will keep you reading until you finish. Her story begins with the introduction of a young women into the Kittenz motorcycle club, then it gets exciting. Her charactors are believable, the story flows, and the ending isn’t what you might expect. This is a great book!

May 2009 *****
This was a very interesting read. I have never read a book about fighting, tough girls that were also professionals! Karina really creates an entire world and her characters are fascinating. The plot is fast moving so you won’t want to put this down!

 October 2011 ****
Not the normal kind of book I read but Really Good. The Characters are great and keep moving with a story like you’ve not read before. Not your regular type story and not your regular ending.
March 14, 2012 *****
nothing i like better than some kick ass women and put them in leather and riding bikes awesome.great characters and action, for me it was a quick read..sometimes justice isn’t always served but you have the Kittnz to help out with that. i liked imagining myself as one of them serving up justice and living a secret life. the ending wasn’t what i expected but it was great. I actually found this read much more exciting than her other book the Huntress(don’t get me wrong this book was GOOD too) which can only mean more great things to come!


October 2012  *****
Kick ass chicks on bikes was enough to get my interest. Great writing and a good plot kept me reading. There’s nothing like empowered women ruling the night! Great story!O

October 2016 ****

This was an amazing read, i was hooked pretty much straight away. The world she built her story in. PLUS her characters were all well thought out AND to my mind people that a you could invest in and root for. Also on a personal note is was nice to see a book with a bit more British dialogue and lingo in it instead of Americanisms all the time.
All in all a fab read and I will defiantly read more from this author in the future.

November 2016 *****
Damn Good. Karina Kantas did a wonderful job on writing this book. The ending has a twist you will never expect. I loved this book. I can’t wait to read more of this authors books.

January 2017 *****

This is such a great continuation of a theme and stories. Karina Kantas has completely raised the bar on her own work. A fast pace story with strong female characters that drive the point home. You do not mess with some women. A thriller to say the least as I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next.
I would definitely recommend this work to anyone looking for a good thriller to read.


May 2017 *****
This is the third MC book I’ve read of Karina Kantas’s and each one gets better. The story is exciting and very believable as are the girls that are Kittenz. A kick-ass motorcycle club made up of entirely professional women. They are unique in that they fight for justice for whoever needs it. You won’t be able to put this one down until you have finished it. It’s an edge of your seat read. You become so engrossed in the story that you almost believe it is true. That is the unique thing about Karina’s MC books they all come across as if they are real life and actually exist. Don’t miss one of the best reads out there. Pick it up today.




February 2019 *****

A fantastic read well written with well developed characters. This book is full of action that will pull you in and won’t let go. I was on the edge of my seat reading page after page to see what would happen next.The Kittnz are awesomely bad a$$ I love this sisterhood and can’t wait for book 4.I highly recommend this book.


December 2019 *****

Action-packed and held my attention throughout! Great character development with awesome scenes and description! This book could easily inspire a successful film.
May 2020 *****
If you are bored with the formulaic crime novels produced by the big publishers and want something with more grit, try this outlaw biker series. Lawless Justice is the 3rd book, though can be read as a standalone. If you don’t relate to this kind of strong female characters, you’ll likely root for them, and tell your friends. There are some brilliant scenes in this. Entertaining. Worth grabbing.


May 2020 *****  EDITORIAL REVIEW

Strong Characters Unleash Their Claws in Suspenseful Psychological Thriller About Vigilantism and Living A Double Life

Vigilantism and gang membership has a certain appeal to some people. Like the beginning of The Godfather when undertaker, Bonasera, can’t find justice from the police against the WASP bullies who raped and nearly murdered his daughter. He realizes that for real justice, he must go to Don Vito Corleone. Some people become vigilantes or appeal to gangs when they feel that the system not only won’t help them, but favor the oppressors.

That’s the situation in Karina Kantas’ suspenseful psychological thriller, Lawless Justice book three of her Outlaw Series. When someone is hurt in an abusive situation or is the victim of a crime from a powerful untouchable villain, then for justice these people go not to the police, but to the Kittnz (sic), an all female biker gang that unsheath their claws and enact swift retribution for those who are oppressed and victimized.

The Kittnz are seen through the eyes of Cass, a journalist coming off an abusive relationship. She returns to her home of Milton Keynes, and during a night out with her sister encounters the gang for the first time. The Kittnz may have the name, but they are more like the Big Cats in town. They are beautiful women who drive their own motorcycles, wear leather jackets, and will pick a fight with anyone in their way. Cass is fascinated by this strange gang, but even more so when they save her life after a confrontation with two men. Cass recuperates in their hideout and is eventually invited to join the gang.

Lawless Justice walks a fine but distinct line with it’s characters. The Kittnz are clearly the protagonists. Their motives are understandable, but their actions are extremely violent. They will defend a battered wife by beating the daylights out of her abusive husband or give a verbal and physical warning to some White Supremacist youths to leave an immigrant family alone.

But sometimes their behaviors spin out of control like when they take retribution so far as to burn an enemy’s house down. They also aren’t above threatening members who want to get out. The book stops short of glorifying The Kittnz’s behavior or making them heroes, but it does go into the roots of why people join gangs or go to them for help. As regular women, they had been oppressed, abused, marginalized, threatened, and dismissed by authority figures so they feel that they have no choice but to strike back at those who harm them and others who are in the same situation.

One of the more intriguing aspects of this book is how expectations are subverted on who joins these gangs. The Kittnz are not high school dropouts, drug addicts, wayward girls in their teens and twenties from broken homes. These are women in their late 20’s-30’s in successful careers and day jobs, everything from doctor, lawyer, psychotherapist, photographer, mechanic, and journalist. By day they work and act as pillars of the community, but by night they vent out their frustrations and commit acts of violence. They have real names and identities, but are known primarily by their gang names: Raven (the leader), Scarlet, Jade, Eve, Storm, and Cass’ new name, Ice. In fact once Ice gets her new moniker, the third person narration refers to her with that name even when she is with family members and acquaintances outside the gang. It is a subtle reminder that the old abused victim, Cass is dead and in her place is Ice, a woman who

seeks action. with the cold detachment that her name suggests.

The book does not gloss over the violent ending that results from such a life. There is plenty of betrayal and second guessing of motives. Some characters get seriously hurt and others don’t make it. The gang life is a violent, angry, short, and ultimately self-destructive one and this book makes no mistake about that.

The Kittnz of Lawless Justice may be badass, but their book is the purrfect blend of action and psychology into the people who are motivated by violence and the actions that they commit.



When Streets of Fire came out in 1984 with the catchphrase “A Rock & Roll Fable“, you would’ve never thought that it was the perfect one for a book that was more than 30 years away from being written. – 
Sisterhood, trauma, friendship, family, self-worth, power, respect and reputation are some of the many themes this book deals with, and the author doesn’t forget to induce the reader to reflect upon the role of violence in human nature and the power it has to change someone’s character.
Lawless Justice is a female tale that embraces universal concepts that are in every single one of us and the novel is a powerful page-turner that will have you always wanting for more.


November 2020 *****

Very interesting story . Not my norm but I enjoyed the entire book . Very unique and totally dazzling . Be careful when these kittens are ready to play . Sultry and tough to the max . Be careful if your a bad one who needs sorted ,they will find you. They sort those that get off the hook .
Biker chicks at a whole new level . Badass is not even close to these classy babes .. good read .

February 2021 ****

Seen this gem and since MC is a weakness to read at times I grabbed it even though it is the 3 in this series. This then goes to say is first time in reading this author. I was intrigued by the alpha women that this series had. These ladies gets us going in this one turning the pages to learn all we can. This gives you plenty of action that shows how this works. I got through it easy too since I am a fan of certain British shows. I found this a bit different so it was refreshing.

February 2021 *****

So I wasn’t sure what I was going to read. I was pleasantly surprised with a well thought out MC vigilante group of women. The story focuses on the women and their group and is well done ENJOY.

May 2021****

What a great read, so well written. It grabbed me & held my attention all the way through, I didn’t want to put it down. An outlaw biker girl group with a twist to their actions. It is action-packed with lots of great characters that all come out as you read more.
The comaraderie between the girls grows with each chapter with fabulous descriptions given, making it so much easier to visualise each character, along with their backgrounds.
I read page after page just to see what would happen next and still wanted more. Highly recommend, but be warned, this book is addictive

July 2021 *****

Almost continual action, but writing not forced or contrived. I enjoyed reading this book and will look for more by this author.

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