Tv, Radio, YouTube and Website Interviews.

Featured interview with Book Reader Magazine

I talk passionately about my books, writing, publishing, reviews and so much more. This is the perfect podcast to listen to if you’re a new author or thinking of writing a book.

A YouTube show and podcast where I talk about mental health. How to cope, and the stigma behind it.—Karina-Kantas—Depression–Insomnia-e1blm05

Online interview featuring my new release, Broken Chains.

GIN goes international to Greece

Author Assist chats with Author Teach

Inspirational Journey’s

YAYA Diamond Dream Caster Radio

The Witty Writers Show. Chat with Beth Worsdell.

Friends Wesley Britton – Scifi with little ole me.

I get to chat about my latest unpublished novel, Broken Chains

Kindle Vella. What is it? Does it work?

I chat with three authors and host Joe Compton about plotting a novel. It’s surprising how different we all work.

I answer 5 questions on world building when writing a novel

I get cake and tea with Claire Buss

I have a live chat with Hanging With Show, about books, writing and Author Assist.

I get interviewed about my business Author Assist

In depth interview by

An other quickie

Author Karina Kantas shares her latest news, books, reviews, awards and blogs as well.

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