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Toxic is a sci-fi dystopian erotica.

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April 2019 ****

I’ve read several Electric Eclectic Books and these novelettes have provided a vast array of genres and authors. They break the mold once again by presenting the same story in both an adult erotic version that’s steamy hot and a touching, romantic read. I decided to read the adult version first. Written by author Karina Kantas, this is a no holds barred sensual exploration of passion in a dystopian society.
One hundred years in the future after the world has been changed by acid rain, a Malok named Lexi is straining against the rules of the new society. Lexi hungers for action and decides becoming a Ranger is her way out of her dull life. But her live-in boyfriend Aron doesn’t believe she is strong enough to take on the role of a fighter against the Outcasts. That group has been banned from the Malok’s mountain base, Mount Elta.
Aron loves her, but he treats her like a child, and she chafes under his attempts to control her. They have an intense sexual relationship, but Lexi is often distracted by the memory of a young friend who left years earlier, Marcus
When Marcus suddenly reappears, Lexi is thrust back into her feelings for him. But their reunion is spoiled by the simultaneous arrival of a girl who bullied her in her youth, Mae. When it appears Marcus and Mae are a couple Lexi is heartbroken. She resists Marcus’s attempts to speak to her privately because she feels betrayed. It is only when tragedy strikes the Rangers that Lexi is forced to see things the way they truly are.
This is more than a sexy love story; this is a book about a world changed by disaster and people separated by their responses to overwhelming change. There are two societies, each seeking to utilize a resource for their own needs, and willing to fight to the death to remain in control.
Lexi is a strong young woman and represents the courage and independence of today’s women. She is lusty, brave, challenging, and daring. Although she is young, she knows what she wants and despite occasional reservations, she doesn’t hesitate to pursue her dreams.
I think the characters could be more developed in a longer book and hope Kantas will take the story further. I’d love to know more about the Outcasts and the Outland where they are forced to live.
I recommend this as a quick read that dips into the possible disasters of a future society where our refusal to address negative environmental behaviors leaves the world desolate and poisoned.

June 2019 *****

I have never before read an Electric Eclectic book. What a neat surprise! This short story has more action, life, love, war, lesbianism, and paranormal in it than a full novel. In just 65 pages Karina Kantas literally held me captive to this astounding book. I absolutely loved it. She has a well developed dystopian world, her character are completely filled out. Nothing was left to chance. You felt like you were living in that world and you were Lexi, at least I did. I highly recommend this book. If you would like to sit down, relax, and leave your world for a couple of hours this book is for you! I never realized how entertaining a well written short story could be! I will be watching for more. Kudos to Karina Kantas.

Jan 2020 *****

This is the first book I’ve read from Karina Kantas and I loved it. Her story is full of action, adventure, love, and life in a Dystopian world. Great characters and world building for a short story. I look forward to reading more from her. Enjoy!

March 2020 ****

Lexi seeks the independence of becoming a Ranger. Her boyfriend Aaron is not supportive of her dream, but then he has not really been working in her favor since their relationship began. His selfishness will not allow for their relationship to grow. And though they have been together for a while, she dreams of someone else.

Marcus left Lexi years ago. They were childhood friends. Best friends. But he has to leave to better himself. There was something more there. Something that they were too young to explore. Fifteen years later, Marcus returns and sets Lexi on fire.

Good short read.

June 2020 *****

I really enjoyed this book. I like how it talked about the earth and people in the future and what life might be like during those times. It was really thought provoking and left me wondering for awhile after I finished the book. In addition, some of the scenes in the book were totally hot and steamy. The author also included a nice little love story with a happy ending, which are my favorite kind of stories. I received this story for free as an ARC copy and am leaving a voluntary and honest review.

May 2021 ****

In this short, tight dystopian novella, author Karina Kantas touches on some hot button bases with extremely economical storytelling.
The core of the feminist story is the coming-of-age of a girl named Lexi who is living with a controlling boyfriend named Aron. While they have hot sex, and readers of the Adult Edition of this tale will get to experience a long, vivid description of that hot sex, Lexi’s growing independence and distaste for her restrictive life as a Malok in the mountains send her on the road to becoming a Ranger, one of the fighters being trained to battle the Outcasts, quasi-humans who live underground and compete with the Maloks for control of the addicting and life-supporting Terra plant.
At the same time, Lexi is affirming herself, the man of her childhood dreams returns to be the new leader of her people. An old foe of Lexi’s, a woman named Mae, is by his side and Lexi assumes the two are a couple. So one subplot to the saga is Lexi slowly learning the truth about her would-be suitor with whom, ah, back to that hot sex thing. Almost.
The final third of the book, and I’m not providing any spoilers here, sends all the main characters into a violent and vicious battle with the Outcasts where Lexi discovers many truths about herself, her future, and the most important people in her life.
So, in one fast-paced adventure, readers get a feminist champion, some erotic, sensory passages, a futuristic society with a spartan culture, an extended vicious battle—what more could you ask for in a read that can be completed in one evening? How about a happy ending? How about the author’s promise to give us a second volume so we can follow the fates of the warriors we got fascinated by in volume one?
If you like your reading fast, furious, and unrestrained, Toxic is well-worth an evening of your time. I gather there’s a milder version of the book that might appeal to readers not accustomed to rough and ready fiction, but I can’t speak to it. I like being entertained by sex and violence and interesting characters in an interesting world.

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