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The Quest is the 2nd book of the award-winning, YA fantasy PNR, duology, Illusional Reality


Editorial Reviews

“The Quest” hits high marks and fantasy fans are sure to be delighted!
Action, adventure, and thrilling escapades make “The Quest” a standout read! Once Thya and her team begin their trek into the Outlands, the suspense never stops. Readers will be delighted with Karina Kantas’ world building,
Thya is an independent woman who discovers a core of strength that shapes the path she chooses to follow.
Tricia Hill – InD’tale Magazine

The Quest is the second book in Karina Kantas’ Illusional Reality Series. The plot focuses on the trials and difficulties of Thya, and the strength of will, heart, and bonds she has formed. The Quest is written in a compelling third-person narrative which draws you in from the start and refuses to let go. The plot progresses at a steady pace and, whilst it is book 2 in the series, all the required information is presented to ensure it works perfectly as a standalone. Heartache, difficult choices, and revelations are paramount in this journey of self-discovery as Thya attempts to do what is expected of her by her people. Monsters and magic combine with hardships and action to deliver an enjoyable and engaging fantasy.

Reviewed by K.J. Simmill for Readers’ Favorite


May 19th  2019

The Quest marks the exciting conclusion of author Kantas’ young adult fantasy romance duology. With adventure and unpredictable twists and turns, it is sure to surprise and entertain until the final page.

Kantas’ knack for worldbuilding continues and strengthens as she journeys outside of the kingdom of Tsinia and delves into classic fantasy settings such as deserts, swamps, forests, castles, dungeons, and more. This makes for a memorable journey with the characters and gives Kantas’ series much more of a fantasy feel than the first installment. The seemingly cliché plot points do not appear as often as the first and the ones that do appear are, of course, tweaked to create a somewhat new and enjoyable experience for the readers just like the first. The story flows at a smooth and quick pace, making the readers want to see where the journey will continue with each passing chapter.

An excellent new addition that will satisfy any fantasy lover is the introduction of fantasy creatures. These were not truly introduced in Illusional Reality, though some were perhaps mentioned at times. What The Quest offers is not the average golden dragon here or mystical snow white unicorn there, but all new fantastical beasts, showing Kantas’ creative talent. Only a handful are introduced, but when they do make an appearance, Kantas goes into such amazing detail that readers will be able to see every inch of the creatures within their minds.

As far as characters go, readers will come across familiar faces from the first book and will be introduced to new ones as the sequel progresses. While it was tricky at times to keep track of the many characters in Illusional Reality, The Quest offers only a handful of new characters readers will follow, making it easier to remember who is who. Kantas has also taken the time to carefully develop each of her new characters while developing familiar characters on a much deeper scale. Thya is, once again, a powerhouse woman and has most certainly become stronger in this story, though Kantas has thrown a new curveball at her readers regarding Thya’s character. The only way to find out what this new surprise is… is to read The Quest.

March 5th 2019

The Quest is book 2 in the Illusional Reality saga. We find that Thiya is back on Earth in our realm just living her best life under the name Haty when duty calls once again. A prophecy has been foretold that she will lead her people as a force of good and as a protector against dark forces. She teams up with a band of warriors and embarks on a quest full of danger and epic surprises. Will she prevail and live happily ever after?

While this book is part deux in the series, it can be read on its own as the author gives a good recap of events within the first chapter so no one will feel lost or left out if they decided to skip ahead to this book.

I’m giving this book a rating of 4/5 stars. It paces itself much better than its predecessor and it was much easier for me to relate to the characters on this go around. Thiya is a strong and independent woman capable of making some very important and profound decisions that will affect the fate of her people. The story itself is more focused on the journey and the task of fulfilling the prophecy and saving lives than the previous book, which I found more preferable. The world building and character development are solid and relatable.

Jan 1st 2019

The Amazing Story Continues

The Quest by Karina Kantas is the sequel to her book Illusional Reality. Becky is once again pulled from England back to the world of Tsinia where she is The Princess. Thya is Becky’s name in this astonishing fantasy world. Thya is the only one who can save her people and their land. They have been forced to leave their magical land and live in caves to survive. The world along with the characters are fleshed out even more with the addition of more monsters and characters and magic. You travel with Thya and a couple others through trials and tribulations which are expertly created to make their Quest either successful or a failure. Her magic becomes even stronger but alas their is a dark side to it that she has trouble controlling. This is a definite page turner. You will become completely invested in Thya and her companions surviving and making it back to Tsinia. The action is nonstop as Thya and her companions run into many intriguing problems. Do they succeed? You’ll have to read the book. I loved both books. If you like fantasy worlds that take you away these are just the books you need.


Feb 15th 2019

Fantastic story
The adventures of Thya continue. She is requested to return to Tsinia and returns as she vowed to do if they ever needed her. They most certainly do need her and desperately. Thya departs on a quest to find another Darkeye and has to struggle with many problems on this quest. Then someone very unexpected returns to her life and joins her. Will she be able to save Tsinia and her people? Fantastic completion to this brillian story. Totally, totally loved it.

May 24th 2019


I loved this book! Now, i’m going back to read the first one; even thought this one can be read as a standalone. The action is non-stop! I mean, Realms, hidden identities, Finding yourself and its power, fulfilling prophecies!! I mean wow! This author throws you into another world and runs with it! Mind…Blown! Defiantly reading more of this author!

May 24th 2019

I’m not usually a person who likes fantasy/paranormal but this book had me glued to my seat from the start. It is a standalone but I highly recommend you read Illusional Reality (1st in series) before this one or you may get a little lost. These were the first books I read by this author but I guarantee I will be reading more and you should too!

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