A collection of dark and thought-provoking horror flash fiction is taken from the collections, Heads & Tales and Undressed.


September 2019 *****

I really enjoyed the stories in this book. They were all short, fully formed, and all so different from each other. Usually, I have difficulty in getting into one story after I have finished another. These were so easy to read, and very entertaining. I’m not usually a horror fan, but think because they were short and individual, they left a lot to the imagination, which is probably worse, I know!

October 2019 ****

I very much enjoyed this collection of twelve short stories, which are ideal for relaxing on a cold, dark night by the fire with a steaming hot cup of your favourite beverage. Only joking! Chances are, you’re more likely to be looking over your shoulder whilst reading some of these.

These are all very entertaining and atmospheric, and you will probably read them in one session. Your imagination will be sufficiently heightened to allow several of these stories to get right inside your head and under your skin. You’ve been warned. Enjoy!

February 2020 *****

The title is extremely descriptive. Some stories here are more…hopeful? than others. All evoke strong emotions, and it does take a special skill to do this in just a few pages (or page)

March 2020 ****

A fun mix of horror short stories. Either one good enough to be turned into a full length novel.

February 2021 *****

So this one was pretty interesting actually, a very cool and very eclectic collection of stories.
All of them were very compelling in their way, they’re were a little of everything and that was a good look on the book because it has something for everyone, in this type of flash shorts it’s a very amazing approach.
In a way it seemed very fresh for me and that they are so short made them super exciting too, because you have less room to get lost and just get faster with the idea.

February 2021 *****

This short collection of stories was definitely eclectic. Some leaned harder into horror than others, but all gave a little thrill. I enjoyed seeing Kantas’ range as writer, and what she chooses to write about to get her creative juices flowing. She takes some inspiration from classic urban myths, but gives them a little twist. I want to read more of her work!

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