Stone Cold is YA supernatural thriller



July 2021  ****


This is a dark thriller that keeps you turning pages until the end. You see the darkness that everyone has within them and how people cope with how life treats them. The bullying is rough, but dark actions of people bring out the macabre situation of having to get justice of it all. Paranormal twist to this.


May 2021 *****

Thought it was a really good book give any spoilers though but really well done

May 2021 ****

This YA thriller is a great mix between suspense and the repercussions of teen-age bullying.
Billy, the victim of teen-age bullying, goes on a summer work trip in Scotland. She meets some new friends, including Shane, and begins to feel accepted. All seems to be going well, until the bodies begin to pile up. The twists, including the final twist, keep the reader engaged and the pages flying.
This book well-written and engaging. I look forward to reading more of her work.


February 2017  *****


Katrina Kantas has done it again. This is the story of a young girl who has been severely bullied all through school. A counselor recommends that she go on an archeological dig to try and help the problem. This is where the story becomes so good you can’t put it down. Even though it becomes a paranormal story Karina gets the point across in an excellent manner. The characters are very raw and real as is the story. Be prepared. You will love it and might even learn a thing or two about yourself. You don’t want to miss this great real story.


June 2016 *****

Stone Cold is the first of Katrina Kantas books I’ve read. It’s an ingenious about a young girl, Billy, who has spent years being bullied. It’s suggested that she go to Scotland and help for an archaeological dig. Billy agrees and goes. The next thing she making friends with the other students on the dig and even catches the attention of a young man. Everything is finally going good for her until she finds a stone while digging outside the area. The stone is of no importance for the dig and she’s allowed to keep it.
This story has subtle meanings within the pages and has a steady flow. I hung on each word and was ready to flip to the next page. An engaging story.

November  2015 ****

 This book had me intrigued. It is smooth flowing and a quick/easy read. I could picture every scene.

Bullying is definitely a problem, and Billy has had as much as she can take. At the suggestion her counselor she will be spending her summer on an archaeological dig. New place, new people, a chance for things to be different. But will they really be different? The summer starts off great, but what happens next, nobody could have predicted.

October 2015 *****

Karina does a wonderful job of creating a suspenseful story while bringing attention to the very real problem and consequences of bullying. Billy, who had been bullied all through school, gets a chance to start over where no one knows her. However, the story takes a turn for the worse when she goes to volunteer at an archeological dig site. That is all I’m going to say on the plot, as I don’t like to give spoilers. The story was very interesting and is a great short read. I look forward to reading more from this author.

September 2015 ****


A suspenseful short supernatural story that kept me hooked right up to the last page – I loved the twist at the end.
The story was well-written and flowed well.
The main characters have depth and dimension.
I would have liked a little more explanation regarding the possession.
It’s not an easy read, as self-harm, bullying, betrayal, and revenge are all portrayed in the story, but well worth it.I received an ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

July 2012 *****

An intriguing YA thriller, “Stone Cold” presents the truly ugly side of bullying, whether it is as simple as older children demanding a younger child’s lunch money, or more complex such as backbiting and hurtful gossip, or even more maximal, such as crimes against persons and against property–all in the name of “looking out for number one,” and let the rest of the world-all the victims and potential victims-suffer. In this story, the tables are turned, and for once a lifelong victim of bullying finds she-or someone like her-has the upper hand and the power to influence change.

“Stone Cold” is also a story of moral values, and of justice vs. retribution, mercy vs. vengeance, and friendship vs. the need to be part of a clique. I think it will find a wide audience, because there are very few who haven’t been the victim of at least some form of bullying, gossip, betrayal, at some point in our lives. Yet not many of us would go to the extent Billy does to solve her problems, and to prove herself superior to her detractors.

March 2012 ****

i really liked this story.
short but definitely not your usual mystery type book, and the characters weren’t run of the mill.
the ending was a bit of a surprise too

January 2012 ****

I thought the beginning of the book was a little bit off (not really sure how to describe it) I didn’t really get in to the story until Billy was heading on the archaeology trip but I love archaeology and have been on digs before so I was interested from the word go. From that point I loved the story, and yes there were some clichés but the story really held me so I couldn’t put it down.

Having finished the book and thinking back on it I really believe that the author could take the story and develop it further making it a full length story (please!). The story line is fantastic and I think certain parts of it should be explored more. I don’t want to say too much here in case I give away parts of the story that are better found out by reading it.

Well worth a read

November 2011 *****


An interesting storyline, well crafted. The author has the ability of gaining the readers attention and never letting go. Not my usual reading genre but was recommended by a very good friend – I’m glad she did!!

November 2011 ****

Karina continues to entertain with her down to earth writing, this time in the occult. Without revealing too much, this well-crafted tale of ‘demonic’ possession (one has to wonder about the ‘demonic’, at the victims are truly deserving of their fates) keeps the reader’s interest throughout.

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