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The Hunters:  For those who believe vampires should be killed, not kissed.

What would you do if you found your town had been infested with vampires? For Chris and his brother Lucas, the answer was simple enough: you fight back. Gathering a small band of other people in their town who have been affected by the vampires, they begin a resistance. But after a year of fighting, they have only managed to kill a handful, while the vampire leader has turned five times that many.

Then two enigmatic strangers appear, changing the group’s lives even further.

Fury and Havoc. They call themselves hunters, and want no part in this little band of heroes. Ordering them to lay low, the duo vow to rid their town of vampires. When Fury is injured, Chris aides these strangers, entwining his future with theirs.

Now that the vampires know the hunters are here, and that Chris and his friends have helped them, the group is in more danger than ever before. Lucas is torn between protecting his new family from the vampires, and protecting them from these seemingly inhuman beings who say they are there to help.

After all, what beings could be so powerful as to scare a vampire?
The Hunters has a 4.4 rating on Amazon, and a 4.2 rating on Goodreads.
Here are some reviewes

Drago: “I spent the entire night reading this (The Hunters) and I’m going to say this, because I never get tired of it: I’m grateful for this author, because in this book: vampires maim, kill, drink blood, and actually fucking die when exposed to the sun.”

Joy: “I felt like I was watching a movie ‘cause this one (The Hunters) has the makings of a good one.”

Larry: “This non-stop action packed book will keep you on the edge of your seat.”


The Hunted: Now The Hunters become the hunted.



Screvin groaned and tried to keep his mind focused as Havoc had instructed him, but Fury was making coffee and the smell was so distracting! He only had three weeks until the next full moon and the anxiety was killing him. Havoc said that the main focus had to be on meditation. No matter how his transformation took place, he would not be able to manage being a were if he didn’t learn to meditate.

But it was hard! Here they were, living in the woods, tracking the were who had bit him, and all of the changes were just too much. Sighing, Screvin tried to clear his mind again and focus on his breathing. Given that as a human Screvin struggled with anger issues, he could only imagine that as a were that would be a key trait in his change. That was no good. If he lost control, if he hurt… killed others… how could he ever live with that? His breathing accelerated as his heartbeat increased with the fears eating him up inside. Damn, Focus Screv! Focus only on the breathing. Only on the heart rate slowing. Let your mind go blank.

Havoc sighed next to him, and it sounded like he was disappointed. “Alright, that is about enough for today, I think.” He murmured softly. Screvin opened one eye and peeked at him. Havoc’s lips were pressed together tightly. He stood lithely and offered Screvin a hand.

“Sorry,” Screv muttered as he rose.

“It is difficult,” Havoc conceded. “If meditation were easy, everyone would do it. But unlike humans, you will need to learn it.”

Screvin hung his head. “I know. I really am trying.”

“I know. Don’t beat yourself up about it, as that will only make it more difficult.”

Fury came around the other side of the fire with two cups of coffee. She offered one to Havoc and took a sip from the other. Screvin resisted the urge to glare. He knew she was baiting him. “Any more coffee?” he asked.

Fury shrugged and tossed her head over her shoulder. “Sure, feel free.”

Screvin rummaged through the gear bag and all he could find was a tin cup. It would have to do. He lifted the coffee pot off the fire stand and sighed in annoyance when he barely managed a cup of coffee before the pot was empty. He rejoined Havoc and Fury, who were in a heated discussion. Not that they did it in front of him. But he could tell by the looks they were giving each other that they were doing the mind-talk thing again. He wasn’t supposed to know about it. As a matter of fact, Havoc denied it when Screvin had asked if they did, but Screvin didn’t just fall off a turnip truck. He had been with them pretty non-stop for a while now. The week on the road had been a clear indicator. They were having conversations without him.

He cleared his throat as he sat down. “So the trail we are on, is it still pretty fresh?”

Havoc glared at Fury before responding to Screvin. “Yes, two, maybe three days at most. We should catch up to her tomorrow.”

“Even if she is still moving?” Screvin asked.

“She is slow,” Fury commented. “I still want to know what your plan is, once we find her,” she snapped.

Screvin looked to Havoc. It was a good question. Havoc glowered at Fury and waited a beat. “We need to help her,” he insisted. Fury rolled her eyes. Screvin sighed.

“We don’t know that she needs help,” Screvin pointed out. He wasn’t entirely convinced that he wanted to help her. She had turned Doc into a were and he had killed his whole family because of her. And because of the vampires, but Screvin still blamed her.

Havoc eyed him. “I know this must be hard for you.” Screvin laughed bitterly.

“She was as much a victim of the vampires as you were,” Havoc admonished.

“But she could have waited until I passed. She waited for the rest of you. Why not me? Sure, she might not have had any control in biting Doc. We don’t know. But she didn’t bite the first person walking by. She bit me.” Screvin rubbed the healed bite at his shoulder.

“And ultimately, the vampires are more of a risk than she is,” Fury pointed out. “Whatever her role, intentional or otherwise, the vampires were subjugating his town. We should go after them!”

“Your feud with Malich has been going for hundreds of years, it can wait until we get this were and help her,” Havoc said sternly.

Fury stomped her foot and stormed off into the woods. Screvin looked after her. “Bit hot under the collar, isn’t she?”

Havoc smiled. “You will learn that Fury… has very little patience. Ironic, for an Immortal, eh?”

Screvin cocked his eyebrow at Havoc. That was the understatement of the century. “So what are we going to do when we find this girl? I mean, do you think she is just going to listen to us?”

Havoc stared off the way Fury had gone. “I have to hope. If she doesn’t…. we may have to use force. I cannot allow her to keep going as she is. Not only is she a danger to humans, and to herself, she risks exposing all weres. If we don’t deal with her, someone else will. And they may not be so kind.”

Screvin squinted at Havoc. There was so much more of this world that he knew nothing about. It terrified him, but at the same time he felt an urgent need to know more before it was too late for him. As annoying as Fury was, Screvin was glad he wasn’t alone in this whole transformation process. He was glad that he had Havoc to help him.



Heidi Angell is a bibliophile, lexicomaniac and wordsmith. She is the author of The Hunters Series, The Clear Angel Chronicles, and The Hell School Series. She also created Royal Prince Vince, and Creative Exercises to Inspire. When she is not reading and writing, she can be found spending quality time with her lovely family camping, hiking, swimming, or watching movies.

Learn more at her website www.heidiangell.com

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