Don’t take a ride with Passengers

So Friday night is movie night in my house. Instead of all sitting down to watch a family movie, the girls watched How To Train Your Dragon 2 upstairs and the adults decided on Passengers, staring  Jennifer Lawrence and  Chris Pratt. While the kids were laughing and giggling hard at their movie, my eyes were closing and I had to shake myself awake to finish watching this boring predictable movie.
The story was great and if done right it could have been a great thriller. Unfortunately,  the main problem with this film, aside from the bad casting was its predictability.

A ship bound with 5000 passengers, travelling to another planet hits a meteor shower and although the ship automatically brings up its shield, one large rock hit the ship and causes malfunction of the sleeping pods. Again, the ship is able to correct the problem, but one pod unluckily can not be saved and the sleeping passenger is woken up 90 years before he should be.
Now knowing this synopsis, what do you think a man would do if he’s alone on a ship for one year. no one to talk to apart from the android barman???  Yep you guessed it. He would wake up a female companion to share the rest of his life with.
So that is basically the story. Oh, apart from Mr Lawrence Fishburne, suddenly appearing inside the ship and then dying in the next scene??? WTH.

So as you can tell from my sarcastic tone, I was not a fan of the film. Which is a pity, as I really like Jennifer and Chris. But this just didn’t do it for me. The acting was sub par and they didn’t bring any spark or chemistry to the roles.
Okay, so the film gets a thumb down from me and only 4 stars as it was putting me to sleep.



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