Day 26 #MarchoftheWriter

Plot or Pants?

I’m a panster all the way!

I don’t use novel software. I don’t have a storyboard. I don’t have post-it notes everywhere. The character’s name, the start of the story, the plot the world-building, even the ending is all in here.

When I start writing the dialogues the scenes. It’s done on pen and paper. Then when I’m ready. It gets typed up. The only part of planning is just keeping the consistency. So what the road name is of a character what bike he rides.

I love to be out, away from my workstation and sit in a cafe drinking coffee, listening to rock music as I type up the notes. People watching as I think about the next scene. Sadly that hasn’t happened for a while.

This is a panel I was part of, where we talked about pantsing and plotting. Make sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel.

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