DJ Dizzy Bandz

Who is DJ?

DJ is a producer, musician, songwriter and DJ from Georgia US. Artists come to him with an idea and he’ll work with them until they have a track both are happy with.

He loves song writing but nothing can beat DJing at live gigs. Getting the crowd hyped and playing his music and debuting new artists and tracks.
I had a chat with DJ about his music. How he works and how he’s coped with the pandemic.

DJ Dizzy Bandz is signed with they have a working partnership when it comes to organising gigs. DJ loves to work with independent artists but plans on collaborating with some big names in the future.

I love that DJ adds a mixture of music genres in his gigs. R&B, heavy metal, hip-hop, pop. I’ve never heard of this before and he explains it to me in the Behind The Pen episode.

Check out the official video of CHANGE UP.


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