This hot new paranormal romance is free from 16th – 17th Nov, so make sure to download and share on your pages and blogs.

Thanks and enjoy.  ( I did)

He’s a riddle I can’t solve…until one night rips away the veil.

I always felt there was something peculiar about Roald Trenton, that behind his blindness he saw me better than I saw myself. When a frightening creature, a being out of a horror movie attacks me, a glowing silvery defender comes to my rescue, sweeping me away to safety, reaching inside me and pulling the poison from my body. Setting fire to my desires, he ignites a connection to a world I knew nothing about…until now.

Expect daemons, shifters and the fae in this exciting start of the Titanian Chronicles



“This is a quick but highly intriguing book filled with hope, doubt, and mythical worlds hidden behind a veil that only some can break through.

Roald has been coming into the coffee shop forever and Ginny thought it was her coffee bringing him in, she never expected that their worlds would collide they way they did!

I am falling so hard for this series and I can not wait for more. I want so much more of this world and I can’t wait for the author to give it to me!!”

Download your copy now for FREE



Christmas special


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