It’s that time of year when authors are canvasing for your vote on their book. I have never been in one of these award contests before. None of my books have been nominated in the past 20 years. So imagine my surprise when I received this beauty.


Yes, I’m leaving it huge, because this is a huge deal for me. This tells me that people care for my books. Are willing to support and vote for my book. That I’m finally being talked about, I’m finally getting sales. You may think you know how that makes me feel, but times that by ten.
So yes, you will be seeing plenty of posts from in the next eleven days. Voting can, and SHOULD,  be done everyday 😉

So my first book needs no introduction. You have taken this book into your heart and have fallen in love with the Tsinians and are deeply connected to Alkazar and Thya’s story.
Illusional Reality is up for 5 awards. Please vote and try to vote everyday.

Illusional Reality


Best Fantasy

Best YA

Best Paranormal

Best NA (New Adult)

Best Romance




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