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The Lost Boys

Lost boys: A family moves to Santa Carlo home of the vampires. The eldest teenager, Michael, played by Jason Patrick catches the eye of Star, the only female member of a biker gang. Michael is warmly invited to join the gang, only after his initiation, he shows signs of becoming a Vampire. This doesn’t go unnoticed by his younger brother Sam, played by Cory Haim. Sam and his friends decided to enter the vampires den and kill the head vampire. The film is edgy, sexy and has great music throughout. Also stars Kiether Sutherland, Corey Fieldman and Dianne West

Lost Boys: The Tribe

Lost boys the tribe: Sexy, edgy and dark. Reminiscent of the original Lost Boys but without the seduction of Jason Patrick and Keither Sutherland. Don’t expect any surprises in this film. The plot is straight forward and viewers will know the outcome even before the movie ends.

The soundtrack sucks (excuse the pun) and cannot compare to the original Lost Boys. Cry little Sister is vamped up, and it’s cool to hear the memorable song again. Also. there are many pieces of dialogue that was used in the first film. Fans of Lost Boys will be disappointed. It’s a cool film but can’t compare to the original classic.

Cover of "The Covenant"

Covenant, film about sexy, young warlocks with untold power. Similar to Lost boys. Staring Toby Hemingway, Sebastian Stan, Taylor Kitsh, Chace Crawford and Kyle Schmid.

Dangerous Minds (soundtrack)

Dangerous Minds staring Michelle Pfeiffer as a high school teacher in an inner city school. She’s attempts to protect her students who want to learn, from gang members that are forced to attend school. The theme song to the film is the renowned Gangsters Paradise written by Stevie Wonder and performed by Coolio.

The Outsiders (film)

Outsiders: Based on the famous book by S.E.Hinton. Outsiders is a story about two gangs the Greasers and the Socialist. The Greasers are thugs and violence is an everyday part of their lives. But as you watch the film you’ll begin to respect and even relate to the characters. Two young Greasers are caught in a vicious fight and one Socialist is killed. The teenagers go on the run but it ends in tragedy. Staring the brat pack. Emilio Esteves, Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise, Ralph Macchio, C.Thomas Howell and Matt Dillon.

Cover of "Rumble Fish (Special Edition)"

Rumble fish. Another film based on S.E.Hinton’s novel of the same name. Rusty played by Matt Dillon, has a hard time living up to his older brother’s rep, The Motorcycle Boy, played by Mickey Rourke. Also stars Nicolas Cage, Laurence Fishburne, Chris Penn and Dennis Hopper.

Domino (film)

Domino staring Keira Knightley and Mickey Rourke. After growing up in a boarding school, Domino becomes a rebellious model and gets kicked out of uni for fighting. She then trains as a bounty hunter. Domino is sexy, tough and pissed off with the world. also stars, Christopher Walken, Mena Survari, Lucy Liu and Edgar Ramirez.

Young Guns II

Young Guns 1&2. Based on the true story of Billy the Kid and his gag of outlaws. Staring Emillio Esteves, Charlie Sheen, Keither Sutherland, and Lou Diamond Phillips.

Film poster for Step Up. Copyright 2006, © Tou...

Step Up is about Tyler, a teenager played by Channing Tatum, who lives in a foster home in a deprived community. Theft and violence is part of his life. He lives for music and dancing. After being caught breaking in to a school for art, he’s sentenced to do community service within the school. He meets up with Nora Clark, played by Jenna Dewan and becomes her dance partner for the end of year showcase. He has to make a decision between the loyally of his friends or a chance for a better life.

Film poster for Step Up 2 the Streets. Copyrig...

Step up 2 The Streets

Is about a teenage girl who is part of a dance crew who call themselves the 410. They are the favored crew around their area and being part of the gang involves dedication and time. Andie, played by Briana Euigan, lives with her aunt but after an incident where the crew are filmed causing a public disturbance and vandalize a tube train, her aunt tells her she has to leave. Tyler, played by Channing Tatum, from Step Up, gets Andie an audition with a school of arts. But Andie can’t give her effort to both projects and one has to give. She meets talented dancers within the school who have been isolated and forgotten. Andie starts up a new crew. They then compete against the 410 in the infamous street dance off. Also stars Robert Hoffman.

Honorable mention

A photograph promoting the film The Wild One d...

The Wild One, staring Marlon Brando. The film that started it all.

Causing controversy, it was banned from being played in the UK.

Brando is the leader of the Black Rebels Motorcycle Club; unwanted and feared wherever they go. Lee Marvin plays the leader of a rival gang. The clubs battle it out for the right of power and status.

Jack Nicholson as lawyer George Hanson in Easy...

Two bikers go on a road trip only to be faced with bigotry from the town residents. Expect 60’s flower power mixed with with bikers, drugs and murder. Staring Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda, and Dennis Hopper.

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