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Meet Lauren Robbins – Endorsed, Psychic Medium.

Is Lauren the real deal? Skeptics and those that think they may have a gift, need to watch the following video.

I started my chat with Lauren asking how does a Psychic get endorsed. And the answer is she was put to the test numerous times by two established boards of specialists in the field.

The test was talking on the phone to strangers and reading them and being correct to what she felt and heard.

There is much more to this story, which you will learn through this video.

I can honestly say I’ve never gone through anything like this before. It was enlightening, amazing and she just left me in awe. And it was one of the most emotional events I have partaken in.

Do enjoy this very special episode of Behind The Pen.

Since the video, I have now realized that EVERYTHING she said was related to the three people that came through. Every word, number, statement she made, was correct. But it took me at least 24hrs before all the pieces came together.

You can book an appointment with Lauren, or buy her book here.




Everyone Has an Angel & A Guardian.

Melanie Channell is an energy healer, tarot card reader, spiritual teacher and author. She was first granted permission to feel and hear the divine when she was at a conference and saw a guardian angel standing beside a man. From then she has numerous experiences and counts ArchAngel Micheal as a regular contact. to the divine.

In this episode of Behind The Pen Melanie opens up and explains the feeling and signs she gets. She also does a number and tarot card reading for me and explains how numbers can lead you to your correct path in life.

More about where you can find her book, Numbers Speak a Journey of Spiritual Guidence and learn more about the lessons she teaches.



Perfect Halloween Read

There’s something strange happening when you read this book.
Are you willing to try it?

The book is free to get into the seasonal SPIRIT.

Forget every horror story you have ever read. This one will scare the life out of you—literally. The shocked and horrified residents of Peacedale, R.I. panic and flee the town and the state as gruesome murders suddenly start taking place on New Year’s Day, 2098. The entire planet is on edge as these killings spread to every country ignoring race, creed, color, and status. No one is safe from being broiled and charred in a horror tale that turns the entire Witch and Wicca community of Salem, Massachusetts upside-down. Can a team of ghost debunkers find the answers before more victims are sliced, diced, and broiled? Good thing they have Edgar, Athana’s Raven, to help guide the way.

This book is an homage to every Occult, Witch, Ghost, and Werewolf movie, novel, and tales of lore spread and told throughout the ages. Ash is dedicated to those souls who were wrongly persecuted during the 17th-century witch trials and beyond. Even people thought to be Werewolves were murdered across Europe, England, and America. How did the phrase we now know as a “witch-hunt” really gain momentum? You will be shocked as we uncover the final truth. Athana sets out to right the wrongs done to settlers of the New World 400 years ago along with her coven, The Austin Circle of Witches.

Ash is rated “H” for Horror and is restricted (R). If you have a weak heart, a medical condition, or get easily nauseated, we beg you not to read this novel. Please head to our website and download our ‘Ash Waiver of Liability’ before reading this novel. This is a highly charged psychoactive novel causing some of our beta readers to experience nightmares, night terrors, and even strange sounds in their presence while reading this novel. Pseudosynth Press Publishing will claim no liability for personal injury or insanity caused by reading Ash…at night.


What the readers are saying

***** CG Blade has written the scariest story I have read. When I Recieved my book I also Recieved a disclaimer form to sign. I loved the witches . the storyline is awesome. He has not disappointed with this one.

***** Amazing story! I am buying the rest of this author’s works. I cannot recommend this enough. I have been a sci fi fan for a very long time and I love this style. Old school, fast paced pulp style adventure upgraded to a modern world.

***** This main story revolves around a town with a supernatural and fire-spewing historic “issue” that not many folks seem to be aware of. But the ones that are…well, they’re to dangerous to get close to!

***** This bone chilling modern horror tale will startled the toughest. The characters are so well developed and written. The ending is everything!!! It perfect sets up the next book. I really want to spoil it, but I won’t. I’ll say this, nothing is final.

Don’t forget to download the Waver Of Libility form on the Pseudosynth website.