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Day 29 #MarchoftheWriter

Unpopular Opinions!!!

What’s popular but you HATE?

Movie: Any Batman film.

Book: Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Food: Steak

Band: Beetles

Artist: Leonardo De Vinci

Location: Philippians

Drink: Iced tea

Song: Hey Jude

Author: Stephen King

What’s on your list?

Day 24 #MarchoftheWriter

Why do you write?

What a loaded question. I ask my guests on my YouTube show, Radio show and podcast, this question and it comes with a barrage of different reasons, yet one is always the same. Which one do you think it is?

Day 18 #MarchoftheWriters

Digital or Analog

When I saw a Kindle for the first time I thought, they would never take off. I was adamant I was not going near them. I was never going to buy a Kindle. I loved my paperbacks…. However, I moved and there was only one cabinet for my books and so I had to choose, which books, I was going to give away and which series of paperbacks I was going to keep on my books shelf. And I had a lot of books in boxes ready to go to charity.

So, you can see where I’m going with this now. My first Kindle which was a Christmas prezzie from hubby had over 100 books on it in the first week. and I suddenly became an avid reader again.
My poor paperwhite the original Kindle, sadly died on me last year and I have no intention of getting another as I have the ebook Apps on my laptop.
So, I’m a converted paperback reader. The only paperbacks I read now, are my own… Well, I have got 15 of them. lol

What is your choice, ebooks or paperback?

What I don’t like and I’m pretty pissed off about. Is that ebooks were invented to save the reader and publisher money. No paper, no printing cost, no distribution. But then the authors and publishers got greedy. Can you believe The JK Rowling’s last book, cost more to buy as an ebook, than it did to buy a paperback. That is so wrong and not what ebooks were invented for.

Day 13 #MarchoftheWriter


This is a hard one for me. As I’m so busy working many hours with Author Assist, I find it hard to make time to write, let alone think about self-care.
I guess when I’ve finished a book or got something done in time for a deadline, I start to breathe again. Meaning I take a deep sigh and then move on to the next project.
I don’t have any quirky traditions I do at the end of my first draft. I write The End and sigh.

However, receiving the final copy in my hands is another matter entirely. If you’ve seen my live feeds of my opening. You know I’m practically jumping up and down and have tears in my eyes. It’s a very special moment that I want to share with the public and especially my readers and tribe.

I do have another hobby, other than reading (see last blog post) I love to sing. I sang in choirs, I’ve sung lead in a rock band and I even represented Greece in the World Karaoke Championship.
Sadly there is a downside, for those that don’t know the other side of my life. I have bad health with two serious medical conditions, that affect my daily life. Last year one of them, decided to take away the second passion I have and that is to sing. It decided it would mess up my vocal chords. If I talk for too long, my voice breaks and I can no longer talk. Now imagine that happening when you try to sing, how much more strength and use the vocal chords have when you sing. So much power is needed from them. But I’m not one to give up so easily. I refused to allow what the Drs told me to be true. So with the help of my daughter who has an amazing voice, I started looking for a song that I could sing without too much effort. Songs that I could train my voice to sing. And so I did. And I had a wonderful summer, showing off these new songs that I now tackled with and won. And I entered the WKC and got to the semi-finals, which was exciting. I never had any dreams of winning, I guess I wanted to prove to myself that I still had it. Even though I can’t sing like I used to, I have trained my voice and not accepted defeat.

I have a good set-up at home and sing nearly every day now, rehearsing for the next WKC and trying out new songs.

So I guess, I’ll be brave and leave something on here for you to listen to, or not. I’m not a professional, I don’t claim to sing like an angel, I just love singing.