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Independence day – Resurgence

Film  Review

Okay, so it was never going to be as good as the first. The first film was fresh, new and had the witty one liners from the brilliant Will Smith. And although he was missing from the film, they did have familiar faces playing the same character roles. Unfortunately, some are only cameo roles as they get killed off early.

The special effects were great, if not some a little over done. What you didn’t get is the feeling of doom, as you did in the first film. Yes, the aliens are back. Yes, the world is going to end. But it was so similar to the first movie, that it felt like they were just going through the motions. There was no grabbing onto the edge of your seat, very few witty one liners and it was all too familiar.
That’s what brings me to the cringey part of the film. The same ‘they will not take away our independence’ speech, the same one manned plane, taking out the alien mother ship, the same tentacle grabbing alien wrapping around a person’s throat to enable it to speak, was all replayed.
The most memorable part of the film, was being allowed to see the aliens close up, especially the actual mother/queen. And the film ended on a high note, hinting that there could be a number three, or even a whole bunch of other films, running off the original story.
It was an enjoyable film, but for the fans of the first film, don’t expect too much.
Independence Day – Resurgence gets a  ****   4 out of 5 from me