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Easter hype

The celebrations will be missed this year. But will mean more to us next year.

Explosive Writer

For the Greeks, Easter is not about chocolate eggs, although there are more appearing in the shops every year.

The Greeks live by their religion (Greek Orthodox) so Easter is one of their biggest holidays.

Every town and city has their own traditions, but the beautiful Island of Corfu, where I have lived for over 19 years, is famous for their Easter.

Thousands of Greeks, as well as foreigners, travel to Corfu for the unique celebrations.

For forty days, traditional Greeks will fast, leaving meat, eggs, milk, cheese, and sweets from their diet. The rest of the country fast on Wednesday and Fridays, but all will diet for the last week before Easter.

Lefkimi is one of the largest villages on the Island. The first of the numerous parades begins when the sun goes down on Good Friday. Villagers dressed in black, congregate at the local church…

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