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An exciting new release is on its way, and we’d like you to come celebrate with us on November 17 on Facebook!

You won’t want to miss reading about the epic journey of a vampire hunter on the search for his son. Immerse yourself in a world of beautiful horror and fantasy; witness Wolfgang relentlessly pushing forward, through natural and supernatural obstacles.

Come to our event to enter the Giveaways; stick around to watch author FD Gross join us live throughout the party with readings and so much more.

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/278188086357380/

See you there!


We’re having two contests…one on Gleam at https://gleam.io/hmYTx/inquisition-release-giveaway. For this contest, no purchase is necessary and there are 4 ways to enter! Good luck!

The other contest we’re having will be a grand prize giveaway consisting of signed paperbacks, unique gifts, and more! You’ll find the details in the pinned post at our event. Please see pinned post for details.


After learning the truth about his missing son, Dorian, Tenor Wolfgang is left with unanswered questions. The vampire hunter and his faithful friend Kronklich pursue Dorian through forces of darkness. Haunted by the phrase “Blood of the father,” Wolfgang wonders what the forces of darkness intend.

In a heart-pounding race across a frozen gothic countryside, Wolfgang seeks answers, stopping at nothing to reach his son before it’s too late. Who are the Carnalreesee really, and what is their purpose?

Continue the gut-wrenching journey of carnage, strife, and suffering in this next installment of the Wolfgang Trilogy: Inquisition.



Frank lives in Florida with his family. When he is not working on the third and final book of the Wolfgang Trilogy, he can be found reading works of classical literature and fantasy, playing music and riding his bike through the woods.





Social media links

Official website: https://www.wolfgangchronicles.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wolfgang.Chronicles/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrellDragon

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf-ODvSjFpN-21nxe8kVnRw

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fd_gross/




Hello, I’m KKantas from AuthorAssist.


Have you just published your book and have no idea what to do next?

Do you find social media daunting?

Are you an established author but stuck in a rut?

Then you need my help. Contact me and we can have a chat and discuss the best service for you.

I have over 25 years in the business. I am an independent and traditionally published author, so I understand the time and money needed for promotion. I am a VA, social media consultant, publicist, and marketing & promotion manager. You will NOT find another provider that gives so much help and offers so many author services.

References are available on request.

A list of services and prices are also available on request.

Contact AuthorAssist


Event and party hosting
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Interview on the YouTube show Behind The Pen
Logo design
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Book trailers
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Advertising free and discounted books to websites

Newsletter signups
Newsletter design
Bookmark design
Seasonal & holiday promo Blitz
Teasers and banners design packages

One on one training is also available for those that want to learn how to do it themselves and not have to continue to pay someone for the same service. Training is also available for author tools such as Canva, StoryOrigion, newsletters including reader magnets and cross promotion.

Limited spaces available so get in touch now and we can chat about what services best suit your need.


For samples and testimonials




What is that? I hear you ask.

The Brain to Books Cyber Convention & Book Expo has the feeling of a normal book/author convention but with so much more for the readers to see, hear and play.
The Cyber Convention is celebrating it’s 3rd year and it’s bigger than ever! Angela, B Chrysler is the brains, and working mechanics behind the CyCon and owner of Brain to Books, which is an open portal for independent authors. And thanks to the hard work of the genres managers, customer service, tech and the rest of the working wheels – who are ALL volunteers and have spent months making sure you and all the authors are happy and this years CyCon  and Book Expo is going to be the most successful and largest ever!

CyCon & Book Expo

Let me break it down. Imagine 200+ authors taking part in genre specific events such as Blog Hop, Genre Tours, Panels, Cover Wars, Character Tournaments just to name a few and then you, the readers can come into the convention and take part and it’s all FREE.


And then you have Storytime, where two wonderful and extremely busy ladies (who are also authors) make time to read excerpts from authors books. So grab a coffee or tea and get curled up on the couch to listen and watch Storytime.


The Blog-Hops are happening all over Facebook, websites and blogs. Follow the sign posts to all the blogs, take part, have fun, support all these amazing authors and enter to win books, swag, Amazon Gift Cards and lots more.

You can vote in the Cover Wars for your favourite book cover.

The panels are unscripted and start off with a theme and then the discussion gets passionate when the writers’ talk about the industry, their books, and life in general and you never know what will happen.

The Book Expo are book features, again genre specific, so that you, the readers, can go your favourite genre, and take a look at books you’ve never seen before by authors you have never heard of.

The Author showcase, which is run from Goodreads, work as book booth, just like actual conventions have. Here you can learn more about the author and their books, you can take your time as you stroll through the convention, stopping at booths that catch your eye. Ask the author a question – you know you’ve always wanted to do that. And don’t forget to take some samples and a grab bag when they are offered.

Author Showcase

Thriller GIVEAWAY Landscape

Don’t forget to enter the giveaways (there’s one for every genre)

And then there is JOE LIVE where you can click on anytime throughout the convention. Joe live is recording the convention, with live discussions, chat’s with authors and general chit chat and information about the convention 24/7. When Joe goes and shuts his eyes for a few hours, I will be taking over. So tune in you can watch and listen live anytime throughout the day and night and you can ask questions to myself, Joe and any of the authors that join us.



Sexy Biker

And for the first time, MC (motorcycle club) authors are now represented. Here is a showcase just for this awesome genre. You can listen to short readings of the best fight scenes in their novels, become a biker and take part in B2BCyCon Biker Run and learn who won the title of the BADDEST MC NOVEL, in the Biker Wars contest.


Umm what else have I missed? Seriously, there is so much for you to do, so much fun to be had on the cyber convention and book expo. 
Take a Look at All the Events on Offer

So you don’t forget about the convention, sign up to Save The Date where you will receive emails on the run up to the con. This wonderful gathering of amazing authors in all genres begins on 7th April 2017 and go on until 9th. The blogs will probably go on a little longer and of course, the showcase, panels, storytime, Joe live – in fact anything that is recorded will be around forever!
Save the Date

Please reblog and share this article so everyone knows about the Cyber Convention and Book Expo.

Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo



🔫Come and join the amazing group of best-selling MC authors already signed up to these exciting events 🔫

Brain to Books is holding it’s 3rd Cyber Convention and Book Expo in April and all ready the events are filling up.

This is a fantastic platform to be seen by potentially thousands of readers.
The Cycon works just like a actual convention and will include every event an author can possibly want and more.
Open to all authors – all genres.

I am running the thriller genre and have organised three exclusive MC events just for you.


Have you got the baddest MC novel out there?
Can you win the war, earn the gavel, and sit on the head of the table?

Biker Wars is a contest where authors of motorcycle club novels will battle it out in a series of small competitions to see which book wins the title of the “Baddest MC Novel”.
The author will also win bragging rights, an award which they can use on their cover of their book, and use on all your social media pages and a special memento.

Each book will be judged on ten criteria such as best cover, best fight scene … by a panel consisting of (all ready chosen) SOA fans, MC members and associates, and insatiable readers.


Your FB author/book page is now a pub that the B2B Cycon run is going to stop at for a drink. Make sure you’re fully stocked as this convoy of bikers will be LONG

The public will be taking their motorbikes and going on a run while stopping at a few pubs on the way.
Bikers can enter into a drawing for a prize of the “pub keeper’s” choice. Prizes could be, but are not limited to: ebook, swag, Amazon gift card, etc. The more unusual the better.
For a biker to be entered into your prize draw they need to complete the task you set out to them. Such as subscribe to your newsletter, follow on Twitter, like your facebook page…
A grand prize will be awarded to one of the bikers that has completed a run. A run is completed by visiting every pub on the tour.



Join a panel of fellow authors of MC fiction as we chat about the show, plot lines, the actors that portrayed these diverse characters and what the show means to you, as an author.

Viewers, Stay tuned for a bloody good hour of chat, laughter and debate about one of the BEST shows to grace our TV screens.

Sign up to save the date reminder and you could win $100.

Registration is free so please add this to your cart and make use of the give-away and grab bag free options as well.
There is a small charge for each event.

I hope to see you all there. It’s gonna be WILD