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The Book Law Enforcement Doesn’t Want You Reading.

Michael Scott Grant doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to his new novel Mulholland Men. With a background of script writing, being a stand up comedian, and having family that are known well in the courts, Michael was ready to write a controversial book about some of the biggest issues in America.

A magician kidnaps a police officer against the backdrop of BLM and uses him to close cold cases, pretending to be a psychic, becoming famous, even dating the imprisoned cop’s wife until he comes up against the case that could change is whole life forever, IF he doesn’t get caught first.

I had the opportunity to chat with Michael about his novel. He’s so real, honest and passionate about his book. The causes he’s writing about makes this book controversial and he is hoping that it will be noticed and read by the RIGHT people, that through this book he gets the message out. And he’s not just supporting these charities by writing about these issues in his thriller, but he’s giving them profits made from sales via his website.


On his website, there is also the opportunity to donate to one or all three of these charities, to read reviews, order the book, and also find information on how to contact Michael.

ncadv.org. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
blacklivesmatter.com.  BLM
unitedway.org.   United Way (umbrella organization)

Click to watch the interview. Due to adult content, you will be taken to YouTube.

Mulholland Men and his first book How to Have a three-some (or if you’re a loser how to get just one) Both books are available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.