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Can you feel the Rage?

Road Rage dark MC romance 18+

Stand-alone read

book cover top half with outlaw bikers and their bikes. In the middle the title Road Rage at the bottom half a picture with three superbikes racing on a track

Dark MC romance 18+ due to graphic and explicit scenes.
Book 4 of the OUTLAW series (stand-alone)

Expect murder, mischief, and mayhem.

Beautiful and yet scarred, Gem works in a supermarket living the safe life she has chosen after surviving a violent past running with an outlaw motorcycle club.
Excitement beckons in the form of a handsome biker named Shep, who introduces her to the rest of his legit racing club, Rage. However, members of Rage won’t accept Gem until she’s proven herself, and Shep sees her as no more than a trophy for his drugged up ego.
Gem then makes the mistake of getting involved in Rage’s illegal activities, which then lands her back in the arms of an outlaw motorcycle club and a deadly conclusion.

girl with long hair, head on hand, thinking. Left hand side title Road Rage in red. Right hand side text.


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Ebook – Kobo iBook nook https://books2read.com/b/31RVNn

Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Road-Rage-Karina-Kantas/dp/1912996545


Two days passed when I got a call from Blade.

“West has called you out. You’re racing tonight. Be at the pub by nine.”

This is what the club had been waiting for. My race against West was gonna bring in some big bucks, and I wasn’t about to lose. I had a name, street cred, and a reputation as a winner, and now West wanted a piece of me. I’d know how much Blade put on me when I got my ten percent, I thought hungrily. I wanted this. I could already taste the victory.

I met up with Blade in the bar and he pulled me to one side.

“You’ve won four out of four races,” he said. “Now I want you to lose.”

I stared at him. “You want me to lose?” I repeated.


“How much you putting on this race?” I asked.

“Enough. Listen, this is between us, understand?”

“Yes and no,” I answered.

“Don’t make it look too easy. I don’t want Rage accused of fixing the race. It’s got to be a close call. Here’s five hundred,” he whispered and put a roll of money in my fist. No one saw the exchange. “And you still get your ten percent, okay?”

“Okay,” I said.

I didn’t know where Blade was going with this. I wanted to keep up my winning record, but he was the president and, as a member of Rage, I had to follow his orders.

Although there were other members racing that night, mine was the one everyone was talking about and would continue talking about, after I lost the race. I was not looking forward to it. Everyone was rooting for me, and I was about to let them all down, apart from Blade. Five hundred pounds. Five hundred pounds, I kept repeating in my head.

There were loads of spectators already waiting when we got to the rendezvous point. Word must have gotten out.

West was sitting on his Ducati with a big grin on his face and two blondes standing on either side of him. I wished I could wipe that smile off his face, but I knew he’d be shouting about his win for weeks, months even. I turned my sight back to the bike in front and followed the convoy through the deluge of spectators.

I was first up. It was such an anticipated race that no one was willing to wait or interested in watching other racers. I saw a lot of money exchange hands as I suited up. Sitting on my bike, waiting for the flag to drop, my heart was racing. Adrenaline was pumping, but this time it wasn’t because of the coming rush. Inside, I was furious. I could take West. There’d be no contest.

While I was trying to get into the ‘zone’, I pictured another race with West; this time, I won, and as I had lost the last, the stakes had been raised. I pictured myself with a helmet full of notes. A thought occurred. Blade was a smart man; maybe this was just the beginning of the hustle.

As soon as the flag dropped, my bike flew. I was already in the lead, and, from my mirror, I saw West closing the gap. The blur of spectators passed, and then it was just me and the road ahead. I allowed him to come alongside me. It was best if it looked like a dead heat. Man, I was so close, I could taste the victory. I needed to ease off slowly, but my body had other ideas. My grip was frozen.

I could see the finish line. My heart was pounding. My breath stuck in my chest. I managed to move my fingers, and that’s when West’s front tyre overtook mine and crossed the line first.

I slammed on the brakes and skidded to a stop.

“—-, —-!” I yelled, banging my fists on the tank. I wanted to throw my bike down in disgust, but it wasn’t her fault. Instead, I rode over to the side and parked the bike before taking my helmet off and throwing it on the ground. For good measure, I kicked it across the road. Anyone in the vicinity could hear my verbal abuse. They kept their distance. It was obvious I was upset, but not for the reason they thought.

Blade found me leaning against a wall, my arms crossed tight against my chest.

“I know that must have been hard,” he said.

“You’ve no —— idea,” I spat, and then walked away from him.

Doc then came jogging over. “What happened, Gem?”

“He had a better bike,” I said.

“Did he?”

I saw the look in his eyes. He knew the truth.

 “Come on,” he said, nudging my shoulder. “I’m racing next, and I need your support.”

I smiled. He didn’t need me. He had enough support. However, I stood at the starting line to watch him and even put a small bet on him. I knew he’d win for me. Out of elation, I ran up to him and planted a hard kiss on his lips. Doc pulled me to him. His mouth opened, and we kissed fervently. I had never felt anything like it. My stomach turned in a good way. It went right down to my —-. The hairs on my arms stood up, and I swear I saw a spark. I loved the taste of him, and I wanted more. I had never felt so much passion from one kiss. Whistles from our audience broke the special moment. We stepped away but couldn’t take our eyes off one another.

“Whoa!” I spoke.

“My sentiment exactly,” Doc replied breathlessly.

“About bloody time,” Blade shouted.

I don’t know about Doc, but I had a huge grin on my face and was red from embarrassment.

“Come back to my place,” Doc whispered. I nodded and boy, did my heart race.

picture of motorway transparent image of the grim reaper. In white text review quotes.



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“Do not miss this book. Jade, Marcus and Dylan will bring out the feels.”

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itov (2)

The Zon is censoring

Okay, this might not be new news to many, but it could answer a lot of questions.

So book reviews are like food for authors. The more we get, the bigger and healthier we become and the faster we grow.


You may have heard through the grapevine that authors are having reviews disappearing. We have always thought it’s because the reviewer was known to the author on one of the social media pages. This still could be the case. However, this conclusion makes more sense.

One of my readers attempted to post a review for Road Rage, the last book of the OUTLAW series.
For those of you that don’t know,  I have eight books, four of them are MC thriller romances. They are dark violent, gritty true to life, sexual, fast and furious. Knowing the kind of story lines I write, it’s obvious that the reviews I would receive were going to be heavy, direct and have a strong word or two.

Here’s a couple of examples.

nothing i like better than some kick ass women and put them in leather and riding bikes awesome.

Kick ass chicks on bikes was enough to get my interest. Great writing and a good plot kept me reading.

Did you notice the same word these two reviewers used in the snippets of Lawless Justice?
Kick Ass.  Now, in the UK we would say kickarse. And isn’t ass a name for a mule/donkey?

This reader who wrote a review for Road Rage was not informed that the review was rejected.
I looked for it, after she contacted me to tell me how much she loved the book. There was no review and yet her other reviews of the previous three books were up on Zon. Strange – so she looked at the review again and removed one word from the text and it was accepted.  No guesses to what the word was – yep, ASS.

Read the full review here

Since when was ASS classed as profanity. The expression the reader wanted to use was a hard ass woman. I didn’t see anything wrong with that. It makes you wonder, what is on Zon’s profanity word’s list?
And just how many of the removed reviews were removed for violating Zon’s golden rules?

You can take a look at the rest of Road Rage reviews here.

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The Kittnz MC



vigilante MC thriller
Time for the boys to ride bitch!
These Kittnz have claws.

Cass has just gotten out of a abusive relationship. Fed up with people walking all over her, she decides that her life has to change. Enter the Kittnz. Now she can kick ass without remorse, get paid and serve the public at the same time.
She wished it was so easy.

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I am running the thriller genre and have organised three exclusive MC events just for you.


Have you got the baddest MC novel out there?
Can you win the war, earn the gavel, and sit on the head of the table?

Biker Wars is a contest where authors of motorcycle club novels will battle it out in a series of small competitions to see which book wins the title of the “Baddest MC Novel”.
The author will also win bragging rights, an award which they can use on their cover of their book, and use on all your social media pages and a special memento.

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Your FB author/book page is now a pub that the B2B Cycon run is going to stop at for a drink. Make sure you’re fully stocked as this convoy of bikers will be LONG

The public will be taking their motorbikes and going on a run while stopping at a few pubs on the way.
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To Ink or not to Ink?

Tattoo 101

The original word derives from the Tahitian word tatau. ‘ta’ meaning hand, repeated twice to represent the action. And ‘u’ which means colour.

Tattooing is an art form that can be traced all the way back to 3300BC.

Tattoos were first used as a symbol of rank, identification, for protection, to display someone’s lifestyle; such as gang members, armed forces, and prisoners. Nowadays, they have become a popular body decoration. Including cosmetic tattooing known as permanent make up. Tattoos that enhance the eyebrows, permanently colour the lips, eye lines, and even moles.

Tribal cultures cut designs into the skin using non-electrical tools cut from bamboo or metal, and then rub ash or natural dye in the wounds. This is a ceremonial, coming of age custom, which is sure to hurt!

These days, in European countries, tattoo artists use a hand-held electronic machine. Groups of needles are attached to an oscillating unit. Needles drive in and out of the (dermis), second layer of skin, usually at 80 times per second while ink is inserted.

*Did you know* Samuel O’Reilly invented the first electronic Tattoo machine in 1891.

Be safe

A tattoo is a wound, and like all cuts and scratches, prone to infection.

To lower the risk of infection, follow these steps.

  • Make sure the Tattoo parlour is clean. If in doubt, look for somewhere else to get your tattoo done.
  • Check to see if the tattooist uses an autoclave. (sterilizer)
  • Is the artist a licensed practitioner?
  • If you surfer from allergies, heart disease, diabetes or are pregnant, contact your physician before getting a tattoo.
  • Contact your health department for a list of recommended tattoo shops.
  • Make sure the tattooist uses disposable gloves, needles, and facial masks.

There is a risk of Herpes Simplex Virus, Tetanus, and Hepatitis if the instruments have not been sterilized correctly.

There is also a chance of an allergic reaction caused from the ink pigment. Most tattooists will recommend performing a patch test.

Does it hurt?

It depends on your pain threshold. Some say they feel a tingling sensation, others like being stung by a nest of hornets. Again, it depends on the size of the tattoo and on which part of the body the design is tattooed. A recent survey carried out, showed that the fear of pain is the main reason why people will not have a tattoo.

After care

  • The tattooist should cover the finished tattoo with a bandage. Leave the dressing on for 24hrs.
  • Make sure you do not touch the tattooed area.
  • If you see and redness or swelling around the area, use an ice pack.
  • Wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap.
  • Do not go swimming or lay too long in a hot bath after having a tattoo.
  • Keep out of the sun until the tattoo has healed. When in the sun, it’s best to use sun protection factor (SPF) 30 on the tattoo, this not only protects your skin, but it stops the tattoo from fading.



There are two ways to get rid of an unwanted tattoo. The first is what’s known as Cover-up. You get the tattoo covered over with another. Not a great result, but at least you got rid of your ex’s initials.

The second way is to have laser treatment. This procedure can remove up to 95% of the tattoo, but it is said that the cost and pain will be greater than when you first got the tattoo done. Lesson learned I think!

A recent survey showed that the most popular place on the body to have a tattoo is on the back. People spend anything from $15-$500 on tattoos. 50% regret having the tattoo done. Surprisingly, only 30% felt any significant pain. The most popular kind of tattoo in Europe is symbols, such as star signs, Chinese symbols, and tribal patterns. In America, stars are thought of to be the most requested tattoos.

Henna tattoos are the most popular form of temporary tattoos. In the tourist resort where I work, there are 14 tattoo parlors selling Henna and permanent designs. Everywhere you look women are walking around with Henna tattoos on their arms, legs and back. The guys have then on their upper back, below the neck and the top of their arms. The artist will trace the design onto paper and place it on the desired part of the body. The print remains on the skin and then is drawn over with a special pen. These tattoos can range from lettering, symbols, to animals and flowers. Draw your own design and the artist will turn it into a tattoo. Henna Tattoos can last between 7-14 days.

*Did you know* tattooists traditionally refer to the small bikini line tattoo as ‘Tramp Stamp.’ Might be wise to think about having your tattoo on the shoulder or ankle.

Greeks don’t have a love for tattoos, so there was no way my hubby was going to permit me to get a permanent one. Actually, I had no interest in getting a tattoo until I had my first Henna. I’ve been collecting frogs since I was 15, so a frog tattoo was ideal for me. I had the Henna done on my left ankle it looked as though the frog was climbing up my leg. It was so cool and I deliberately wore skirts just so I could show my tattoo off.  I was very disappointed when it started to fade. I wanted to grab a black pen and go over the design. However, I allowed it to die away, as hubby had already agreed how awesome it was and allowed me to get a real one. It hurt like a mother….

Paul, a professional tattooist from the UK, recommends anyone who is seriously thinking of having a tattoo done, to look through tattoo magazines, and when in a studio, ask to see the artist’s work. He said that people that come in already have an idea of what they want and pick a tattoo that means something to them.

Think carefully before you get a permanent tattoo. Many get them done on impulse and then regret their decision, soon after. Others love their life-long tattoo. It may be best to try a temporary tattoo first to see you can live with it. A tattoo is a big deal it’s a life-long commitment.

COPYRIGHT Karina Kantas March2012

Kabuki Mask from Chinese warlord. Thanks Nick (the bubble)

Geisha. Represents beauty, peace, tradition, and tranquility. 9hrs 2 sittings.

A tribute to lost family members

Doug is a fan of Fight Club

Will be blogging about this awesome TV show soon.
This awesome tattoo of SAMCRO's logo took five hrs to create and was done in one sitting. I will be doing a blog on the fab TV show Son's of Anarchy, so make sure you subscribe to this blog.