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Come and meet Cancer man, aka William B Davis

I got the honour to chat with this actor, director and author about his 70 years in the entertainment business. And of course, his iconic role as Cigarette Smoking Man in the X Files.

William has just released his second autobiography titled, On Acting… And Life.

When William talks you listen and can’t help but smile at his positivity.

Zeitgeist Film Festival 2021

The theme this year is LA Apocalypse.

When? Fri June 4th – 6th June
Where? Huntington Beach California

Meet Alexandra Nakelski

Quirky, fun, sticks to her guns. Loves the ’80s and refuses to censor.

I had the absolute privilege of chatting with the owner and founder of the Zeitgeist Film Festival. She also is a Film Studies Professor at Peninsula College and a Film Professor at the University of New Mexico.

This lady has so much passion and we found out we have a lot in common when it comes to our opinions.

Watch this special episode of Behind The Pen

About: Zeitgeist (The Spirit of The Age) film festival.

A year and a half in the making. 158 films from around the world hand-picked and curated in this special presentation. You won’t see any of this on streaming. Welcome to the first post-pandemic event. Others went virtual, we are going live…

The Zeitgeist Film Festival is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that is here to make waves in the festival world! With ties all over the US and abroad, this festival stands to last the test of time or frankly even the Apocalypse! The Zeitgeist film festival will be making its debut and putting roots down in Orange County. We have brought some of the youngest, brightest, and most experienced minds together to build a festival that both cinema experts and aspiring videographers would be proud of. This festival promises to be a hit with old and young alike showing modern-day classics, Shorts, and Independent Features.

This year’s curation is a culmination of the last 5 years of my PhD research that I wanted to share with larger audiences and not just the few other scholars reading my work. In a term I coined: The “Auspicious Apocalypse” I look at the collective subconscious desire for the “end” in hopes to resurrect with something better, something new.  Sometimes you have to burn it all to the ground to start over.  Can we do this and maintain some semblance of humanity? Will it remind us the importance of community in doing so?  Perhaps the fear of the Apocalypse is worse than the Apocalypse itself. Is it wrong to choose not to crawl into a fetal position paranoid for whatever is coming and instead face the music and feel more alive now than we ever have? – Alexandra Nakelski

Check out the list of amazing films and the directors, casts members and special guests who will be there to talk with you and answer your questions. An amazing opportunity to get up close to those you admire. Alexandra has made sure she has catered for all ages in this Filmfest.

Check it out.

LIVE Hanging With Web Show

I took part in an all-day live broadcast on FaceBook by Hanging With Web Show.
They interview artist all over the world in all calibres, authors, musicians, filmmakers. ….

You can download Toxic – – Toxic – Toxic D2D

Behind The Pen with Sebastian Hidalgo

This really is a must-watch video.


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The Drs Online.


Enter to win a poster signed by Karen Gillan (former companion Amy Pond on Doctor Who), competition hosted by Doctor Who Online! Details here:

Tosca Lee’s bestseller, Progeny, is currently being developed into a TV series.

My second guest on today’s show is NYT bestselling author, Tosca Lee. I’ll be chatting with her about her latest release, First Born, the concluding part of the YA thriller series  The Descendants Of The House of Bathory,  collaborating with Ted Decker, and her somewhat controversial books about the biblical characters of  Eve and Judas.

Join me and my guests, live, today Fri at 1pm EST.


Progeny and Firstborn Set 3 (2)

TV shows I have given up on and now I’m hungry for more.

So unfortunately, many of my favourite TV shows are on a break, so I need some suggestions on what to watch.
The list below are TV shows, that in my opinion, should have finished seasons ago.
Or I have tried and gave up very quickly.
Or I watched the first two seasons and then got bored.

So – if you can suggest a TV show that is not on this list. Please do    🙂

















Would You Like A Dose Of Reality?

Let’s go on a binge.

So, if you’re like me, you’re will hear or come across a show that looks interesting. I normally know after the pilot episode whether or not I’m going to like the program, and then I binge.  Now I’m not referring to one or two shows a day. I have health issue that leave me at home, so I have a lot of time on my hands. Unless I’m writing, working for a client, or generally busy, I’m streaming my favourite TV shows. I will get into actual dramas in another post, but this one is about reality shows.

The Kardashians
Haters hate and kickers kick, but don’t think I watch this show because I like them. They are a vain, conceited, spoiled, a mentally unstable family. But it’s bloody entertaining. I binge watched as early back as I could. I’m up to date now and don’t miss an episode. Leave a comment if you love or hate this show and why.

Undercover Boss.

I just loved the sound of the title. I watched the USA version first and then the Canadian and then the UK  (and that was a waste of my TV time.)

So for those of you that have never heard of this is show. It’s where the big wigs/top brass (unless they are too well known then they get their unders to take their place) go undercover in their own company, on the front lines. Yep, they get a make over/disguise and some are truly dreadful. Then they go cleaning sewage, dinner plates, collect the garbage, work as a shop assistant or a baker and get to see how tough the jobs are. And they get to see how amazing their workers are and how tough their lives are. Sometimes they get to hear the home truths about their own company and what the staff think about the corporate heads. It’s actually a very humbling show and you can tell, that if there was any set up, it wasn’t much. It’s truly realistic and makes me cry on every episode. The only thing the annoys me about this program is that they hand out thousands of dollars to these five works that the top dog worked with to help them with living expensive, debts and student loans and costs, but what about the other thousand workers they have. Everyone has a story, everyone has problems. Just seems a little unfair.

But I love the show and don’t miss the weekly episode. It took me around three weeks to watch from season one up until now.

Face Off

Wow, from the first episode I knew this show was going to hook me. If you love special effects, monster movies, then you will enjoy this program. If you love entertaining reality shows, where the contestants are put through grueling tasks that test their talent, time management and strength both mentally and psychically, then you really have to watch this show. Contestants have but a few hours to do a foundation make up and they are unbelievable. In return they can win immunity from the spotlight challenge or get a pretty awesome prize. Then for the spotlight challenge they have to design a character from head to foot in only three days and one of them is for application. Each episode we say good bye to one of the talented make up artists, until three are left for the final.  I have nothing negative to say about this show. It’s truly fascinating and entertaining at the same time.

There are ten seasons up till now and I have binge watched six of them and still loving it.


Leave a comment on your favourite reality show, as long as it doesn’t have the initials BB. And let me know if you watch any of the three I have mentioned.




Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club
Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SOA, for those of you that have been out of the loop, Sons of Anarchy, is a TV show on FX based on the thrilling life of a bad ass outlaw motorcycle club.

SAMCRO  Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original  lives and runs Charming a fictional town in the central Valley of Northern California, and the residents don’t seem to care (it’s all about tough love.)

The programme showcases some of the meanest talent on TV, and even the women are tough; well you’d have to be if you want to earn the title of LADY.

It’s not worth me going through a list of who’s who, as SOA is on its 5th season and season four left us with a change of power which most fans thought was well overdue.

Creator, writer, genius, Kurt Sutter’s original idea was to base the show on Shakespeare’s Hamlet… and we all know how that story ends.

Mr Sutter is not afraid to speak his mind as those that follow his tweets know. He also films regular video blogs called W.T.F Sutter, where he answers questions from his hard-core fans. Although he won’t admit it, he cares about what people think regarding the show.

You can follow Kurt Sutter here blog and tweets

And if you’re a die-hard fan or a newbie, feel free to join one of the many friendly Facebook fan pages.

Love our SOA

SOA fan club

Sons of Anarchy season 5 aired on September 11th, with a spectacular opening that will leave you gasping . Awesome. Kurt has done it again.

SOA Merchandise

HUNTRESS  Book two of the OUTLAW series.11952790_10153055082645814_4914859226312843756_o

Come and hang out with the Wolves one of the baddest MC in fiction,
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