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Diary of a Covid Sufferer

This is my personal journey as a sufferer of Covid. It will be updated every day so make sure to follow the blog and come back


We managed to keep Covid away from our house for two years. I knew as soon as I heard the neighbour’s household was affected, I knew there was nowhere to run.

I live in a small Greek village, where the older generation is ignorant when it comes to Covid or doesn’t understand how serious the virus is. Safe to say MIL brought it in the house and my youngest caught it first.
I knew I would get it from her especially as I was the one looking after her trying to get her 105 fever down. I wore a mask, sanitised my hands wore gloves, but there was no way of escaping it.

My youngest and I have not been vaccinated. That was our choice.
I’m what you would call high risk as I have serious health problems, which is why it’s dangerous for me to have Covid. I’m hoping this is a weak strain and I recover quickly.

Right now, I have a sore throat I’m coughing and my chest is tight. My body feels so heavy I can hardly move. I don’t want to move as every bone in my body aches.
I have paracetamol for the aches and pains, and to help when my temperature rises and syrup for my throat, plus a vitamin C supplement.
So I’m eating, and resting, but I work online, for now I’m still available to help my clients and do my everyday work.

When my husband did the home test on me and it showed one line, but I was feeling ill, so I knew the reading was wrong. When hubby was up after his siesta, he saw there were two lines, and not one.

So that’s day one. Make sure to come back tomorrow for Day Two: A Diary of A Covid Suffer.



Today has not been a good day. I’ve been in so much pain, that my body doesn’t feel like my own. I can’t move, I can’t walk without my body feeling like I’m an 80-year-old. Now I know that Covid builts up fluid in the lungs, and that stops the lungs from working properly. So you’re probably asking why is my body in so much pain then. I have underlining medical conditions which makes me getting Covid, dangerous. I suffer from Fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, thyroid disease and type 1 diabetes.
Fibromyalgia comes with many symptoms including depression, chronic insomnia, restless leg syndrome, chronic pain 24/7 and memory problems. Fibromyalgia affects the muscles and the nerves of the body, causing chronic pain everywhere.

I’m on 20+ pills every day, plus 3 injections for my diabetes, I take around 5 supplements. So imagine having all of that to deal with and then throwing Covid on top.

I was in so much pain today, that I could hardly concentrate on work and even closed down the computer and went to sleep. I cried a lot today, not just feeling sorry for myself but, being in so much pain and not being able to step out of this body that just doesn’t feel like it should belong to me.

So a bad day today. It’s now 2 am and I’m gonna read for a bit. Tomorrow is going to be a challenge as I have meetings set up with clients. Join me for the next instalment of The Diary of A Covid Sufferer, tomorrow.


Got most of the pain under control by taking the paracetamol before my body was aching too much. The chest is no better, but no worse, which is good. And it’s certainly the weak strain I caught, which is another good thing. Today I lost my tastebuds, sense of smell and appetite.

I’ve had a bad stomach all day and felt sick many times. I kept myself busy, but then paid the price of total exhaustion. Unable to keep my eyes open.

No idea what day four will bring.


So day four and it’s a Saturday. I don’t work weekends so every time my eyes wanted to close I let them. So I’ve been sleeping on and off all day. My coughing is getting worse, ending up in choking bouts. Day one. It was like a cold and I was able to blow it out. I must have gone through one box of tissues in two days. But now nothing which means the fluid stays in the chest. which doesn’t sound like that’s a good thing to happen. I hope that one of my choking fits will have me puking it all out.

My voice is non-existence which isn’t good considering I’m hosting a panel of authors live tomorrow. I have zero taste, which makes everything I try to eat and drink taste awful. So 2nd day no food. I can see me losing some kilos when this is over. That and I still have a stomach sickness, which makes the thought of eating anything, disgusting,

Even so, I still have to remember my other health conditions and keep testing my blood sugars, blood pressure, and make sure I take my meds on time. Right now I have a headache, so I’ve turned all the lights off and will shut down and rest my eyes.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day.


I’m not sure how long Covid lasts in a person with good health, so I have no idea how long my illness will go on.

Today I had the live author panel. I didn’t want to cancel. I felt well enough to get dressed, put some make-up on and host the panel for an hour which was fun. But then once it finished all strength seemed to leave my body and I was exhausted. So I slept, and even though it was a quick nap, it was enough.

Last night after I did the diary blog, I was sick. I had a choking fit and my throat filled up and I couldn’t breathe, my body automatically continued to retch until my throat was clear of fluids. So that was a good thing, getting rid of some chest fluids. I haven’t been sick since and my cough is just as bad as it was.

Still no taste, not even water, which has no taste. Anything I try to eat or drink tastes wrong. But I have tried to eat even though I’ve had no appetite. No fever, no aches and pains and no upset stomach. However, I do feel the phleme stuck in my throat, waiting to be coughed out. I just hope I don’t have to wait too long.

Tomorrow is back to work, week and I need to remind myself that although I have work, I need to rest, don’t do too much, and take care of myself. Pulling away from the computer will be hard. But if I want to get back on my feet at full power, I have to rest. Which I’ve been told multiple times is the best medicine for Covid.


Today has been spent sleeping and working. I’ve managed to get a lot done until fibro fog set in and things started becoming confusing. My naps, although plenty, were short ones, like 10 /15 minutes.

Still, no taste, smell or appetite but I did eat actual food today, for the first time in 3 days. I’m still taking my syrup as my throat is still sore, I’m coughing but not choking. But my throat is dry and I think I may be sick again later tonight. I’ve been light-headed for a while this afternoon. my ears are blocked as well. But my hearing is fine.

I’m so eager for all this to be over and I can go back outside for fresh air, get my nails done, go for a ride on my bike. everyday things that have been taken away from me. My youngest will go for a PCR test tomorrow to see if she’s free of the virus. I don’t know how long my illness will continue. When things are looking like they might get better, by the end of the day, I’m feeling exhausted and coughing again, Guess you can’t rush a process like this, no matter how much you want to.

Tomorrow I have nothing scheduled so the day will be split between sleeping and working.


Has it already been a week?

I think most healthy people get better after a week in isolation. Alexia got tested today and was cleared. I got tested and still two very strong lines.

I’ve noticed I have a lot of juice in the morning and by late afternoon I’m exhausted and can hardly keep my eyes open.

I’m coughing more today than any other day, still have a bad stomach but no sickness. I thought I was going to be sick yesterday, but no. I have been feeling dizzy and lightheaded for two days now. Could be because I’m not eating well. I can’t. I eat to take my injections, but I still have no appetite and no sense of smell or taste. My chest is tight and I can feel the phleme in my throat, I just can’t get it out. Only one choking /coughing fit today.

If I thought I felt isolated before, I really am now, with Alexia not being able to go near me. I’m truly alone in my room. Mood swings are out of control. I feel anger, next I’m crying over an advert. No pain, no breathing problems. But hurt my rib coughing so violently earlier. Fell asleep a couple of times, but been busy working and I’m happy to say, keeping up with the workload.

I have a podcast interview tomorrow, where we discuss my favourite film and why it means so much and after that, I have a zoom meeting with a client. Both are later in the day when I’m weak and can hardly keep my eyes open. So that will be fun.


It started at 4.30 am. I started to cough and it became worse. It soon turned into me choking and then being sick. I thought I would feel better after I was sick but the coughing continued until the phleme was stuck in my throat, in a way that stopped me from breathing properly. No matter how I tried to cough it up, it was stuck, which then pulled me into like a panic attack. I was crying, shaking, still coughing and choking. I must have woke up Alexia with all the crying. She stood at the door and asked if I was okay if I wanted something. I knew she wanted to come to hug me and I wanted and needed it so badly right then. But there was nothing she could do for me.
I think that’s the worst part of isolation, is not being able to have that physical contact with someone. Especially when you need it so desperately.
Eventually, I had worn myself out and fell to sleep until 1 am this afternoon.

I told my husband what happened and he got me some new syrup for my throat. I’ve eaten a little today, but still no appetite or taste bubs. I haven’t coughed as much since I started the new syrup. I only slept once and apart from getting the dates mixed up, my head has been clear enough to be able to work.

So apart from what happened at 4.30 am this morning. The rest of the day and evening has been good.


I’m not sleeping well which then causes fibro fog and feeling sick most of the day. No appetite, but I managed to each a small plate of rice, chicken and veg Chinese, even though I couldn’t taste it.

Not coughing much at all today, but still chesty and I can still feel the phleme in my throat. The medicine I’m taking is called Prospan and tastes like sweet fig syrup, but it’s sugar-free. It’s certainly done a better job that the first one I took.

Tomorrow, day ten, is testing day. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’m clear, even if I am, it is still going to be a while before II get rid of this throat problem. I’m crossing my fingers and toes. I can’t wait to get back on my bike again.


Well, I did a test and it still showed 2 lines. So even though I’m not coughing that much, I still have the virus. I really do miss my singing and being out on my bike. Still no tastebuds and no appetite. I sound much better now. The croak in my voice has nearly gone. Still not breathing deeply, as that stats me coughing again. Made me sad knowing I still couldn’t hug my two girls and Alexia is anxious to spend time together.


Feeling so much more like myself. Although I did cough a bit today and slept on and off most of the day. I had a shower and eat dinner, which I could even taste this time. Still no appetite, but the bacon salad, Sofi, my eldest made, was delicious. Alexia wanted me to see if she could catch Covid again, so quickly after having it. She really wants to spend time with me.

I couldn’t find any answers to her questions. What I did learn about is Post-Covid 19 and Long Covid, which are the aftereffects some sufferers can get up to three months after being free of the virus. These are effects and not the virus, so no one can catch Post-Covid. Symptoms could be a chesty cough again, fever, memory problems and feeling weak. So even if I get the all-clear, my voice still might not be ready for singing and all I have in my head right now is going away to Norway and having a fabulous – once in a lifetime experience with Sofi. I will be doing another test tomorrow to see if I’m free of this virus. Keeping my fingers crossed this time.


As I’m feeling more like myself I did another test. The second line was still there but very faint. I’m taking that as a good sign. I could taste most of my dinner, Sofi made tonight. Still no appetite, so unlike me, I left some food on my plate. I was even singing earlier, which was nice to hear. Tomorrow, I’m thinking of getting dressed and going for a ride on my biker. I won’t stop anywhere. I just need fresh air. My cough is still there, and I continue to take my syrup 3 times a day.

I’m happy and surprised that Covid never messed up my Diabetes at all. I was doing 3/4 blood tests a day, and nothing was too high to too low. And apart from two days where I couldn’t move from Fibro pain, it hasn’t caused too many problems with Fibromyalgia.

The one thing I’m extremely happy about and was worried about all these years was ending up in hospital. I’m thankful that I got Covid on the tail end of it and not earlier on. That Alexia and I who are NOT vaccinated got the weak strain of the virus and didn’t have to suffer too bad. I think my Covid is hanging on longer than healthy people because of my health condition. Still, it could be worse.


My cough is the only thing that proved I have Covid. Yep, you read that correctly. I’m Free of COVID. Finally one line, not even a blur of a second line. I’m still isolating myself for another day

I feel good in myself. Got lots of sleep today, which is definitely the best medicine.

I’ve nearly finished the bottle of cough syrup and although I’m still coughing, it’s nowhere near as bad as it was.

I ate today and again, I could taste most of it. Still no appetite though. I didn’t end up going out on my bike, as it’s far too warm out there. I’m best staying in my air-conditioned house. Waiting for it to cool down. I can’t wait to get back on my bike and hit the road.

So that’s my journey. I’m so thankful that it was the weak strain. I know I would have been in hospital if I have the full strain. I’m thankful full I only had three bad days out of the 13. What a ride though. I hope never to go through that again. Thank you for reading and for your comments. They mean so much.


Day 31st #MarchoftheWriter

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And the fat lady is singing.
Elvis has just left the building.
The show will not go on.

And now the end is near and so I say it’s nice to know you.
My new friends, I say it clear I hope you’ll stalk my social media please do
I lived a life that full and thanks to you, I’m smiling all-day
But a rebel doesn’t listen to rules.


Day 30 #MarchoftheWriter

  People to follow.


There are so many great books out there, I can only name so many and sorry for the ones I have left out.

Follow on Goodreads or Bookbub. And if you can find them on social media.

Vanessa Giunta – paranormal thriller/suspence/fantasy

Ron Lahr – humourous fantasy/scifi/newadult

Wesley Britton – sci-fi/non-fiction, Bond and TV, film and lit spies.

Micheal Scott – dark fantasy/horror

JD Estrada – poetry/dark/fantasy/horror

JD Blackrose – contemporary fantasy/paranormal romance/new adult

Victoria Saccenti – Fantasy/romance /adult romance/historic

Joe Compton – political thrillers

Teri M Brown – historical thriller/epic

Paul White – flash fiction/thriller/children’s stories

Sephe Haven – memoir/humorous

Alexia Kantas – illustrated children’s book.

(Yes, I know she’s my daughter, but she’s also my partner in crime when I need help with covers, graphics, trailers.)
Oh, and she had her first book published when she was just 8.
Please support.


Go Indie Now – A HUGE media platform that showcases and promoted indie artists. that’s authors, filmmakers, musicians….

The Writing Tribe: Friendly, knowledgeable, cheerleaders and motivators. They have regular sprints and zoom chats.

Story Origin – Everything an author needs to not only run their newsletters, find cross-promoting authors, find reviews, beta readers,… A huge platform. This list goes on.

Author Assist – Can help authors with every aspect of the writing, publishing and marketing of their book. A distinction when it comes to trust, work ethic and knowledge. The Testimonials don’t lie.

Day 29 #MarchoftheWriter

Unpopular Opinions!!!

What’s popular but you HATE?

Movie: Any Batman film.

Book: Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Food: Steak

Band: Beetles

Artist: Leonardo De Vinci

Location: Philippians

Drink: Iced tea

Song: Hey Jude

Author: Stephen King

What’s on your list?

Day 27th #MarchoftheWriters

  Writer habitat

Nothin exciting to see. I moved out of my office because I wasn’t comfortable and when you suffer from chronic pain 24/7 you have to find the most comfortable place to sit. So from a fully functional office to the living room and a leather convertible chair. Hubby made a rolling 3 shelves box, so I could put all my files and books and I have it close to the chair.

Now, to this day. I have been working in my bedroom my set-up is a small wooden fold away desk/table for my computer and my books beside me, legs resting and pillow behind my back keeping me comfortable.

Yep, I bet you weren’t expecting that. All my writing, my author services, even my podcast and live radio show are all carried out in my bedroom.
I get on with life the best that I can. Keeping busy makes me forget about other things.

Day 23 #MarchoftheWriter

 Fav place to read?

I suffer from chronic insomnia. I’m lucky if I get 2/3 hours sleep a night/morn.

I finally switch off and take off my work hat in the early hours of the morning. Then the rest of the time, until I close my eyes, or not is spent reading.
My second pastime, and if you’ve been following my blogs, you know what and where I do my reading.
When I’m in the car when I’m out for coffee (rarely.) I’m not being unsociable and playing games or posting on social media or taking selfies – No, I’m reading.

Any chance I get to have a break from work, I read. Yep, I even take my phone to the toilet. It’s my little 5 min break before I go back to the computer to continue promoting my clients and their books.

I love reading nearly as much as I love writing. Both allow you to escape reality and step into a new world the author has built. Get lost in the dream-like state, get involved in the conflicts and either feel let down or satisfied with the conclusion.

There’s nothing better, after a hard day’s work, to curl up snuggled with a book.

Day 22 #MarchoftheWriter

Tools of the trade

Well, I’m an old fashioned girl at heart. So, I’m a paper and pen gal. And I make sure I have a small notepad and pen with me everywhere I go as you don’t know when inspiration will hit!

Years ago, (cause I’ve been at this for while) I used to have a Dictaphone. And no matter where I was, if I was hit by the dialogue of my character, or a new scene or an idea hits me, I whipped that Dictapohne out and pressed record. And yes, I got some strange looks when I did that in public.

OMG, I just found it in the back of my drawer, in my old office. Eeek I’ve got to listen to those tapes now. It’s going to be hilarious.

From a typewriter to a computer, I’ve only used MS Word for all 14 of my books and the others you don’t know about. 😉

I’ve never used a novel -helping-program like Scrivner and the others. All my plotting is done in my head and then pen to paper and then on my laptop.

Just a quick thanks to JD for organising #MarchoftheWriter. I’m having a lot of fun, and hopefully, my readers are learning more about me.

Feel free to comment or asks questions on any of the blogs.

Day 17 #Marchofthewriter

Fav classics.

Everyone has their fav books that will stay with them forever. For some reason, they become the only books that are in hardback or paperback and have pride of place on my books shelf.

Here are my top five in no particular order

S.E Hinton and her rebel YA dramas, such as the classic, The Outsiders will always have a place in my heart it was her book, The Outsiders in particular, that made me want to write my own story and become an author.

It was these next three collections of fantasy books that had me binging on Fantasy PNR . And writing my own YA fantasy PNR, Illlusional Reality.

You may have heard of the film and TV series The Mortal Instruments. But I bet you never heard of ClockWork Angel, ClockWork Prince snd Clockwork Princess. Absolutely amazing books.

Only one book was turned into a movie and it starred Nicole Kidman. But it flopped so they never made the other two. These books stretched my imagination thought to the limits. Now it’s a major UK tv show and I’m hoping they stayed close to the original book, as the storyline is epic.

Judge me all you like I thought the books were fabulous. Amazin world being and characters. Kudos for that JK.

Day 13 #MarchoftheWriter


This is a hard one for me. As I’m so busy working many hours with Author Assist, I find it hard to make time to write, let alone think about self-care.
I guess when I’ve finished a book or got something done in time for a deadline, I start to breathe again. Meaning I take a deep sigh and then move on to the next project.
I don’t have any quirky traditions I do at the end of my first draft. I write The End and sigh.

However, receiving the final copy in my hands is another matter entirely. If you’ve seen my live feeds of my opening. You know I’m practically jumping up and down and have tears in my eyes. It’s a very special moment that I want to share with the public and especially my readers and tribe.

I do have another hobby, other than reading (see last blog post) I love to sing. I sang in choirs, I’ve sung lead in a rock band and I even represented Greece in the World Karaoke Championship.
Sadly there is a downside, for those that don’t know the other side of my life. I have bad health with two serious medical conditions, that affect my daily life. Last year one of them, decided to take away the second passion I have and that is to sing. It decided it would mess up my vocal chords. If I talk for too long, my voice breaks and I can no longer talk. Now imagine that happening when you try to sing, how much more strength and use the vocal chords have when you sing. So much power is needed from them. But I’m not one to give up so easily. I refused to allow what the Drs told me to be true. So with the help of my daughter who has an amazing voice, I started looking for a song that I could sing without too much effort. Songs that I could train my voice to sing. And so I did. And I had a wonderful summer, showing off these new songs that I now tackled with and won. And I entered the WKC and got to the semi-finals, which was exciting. I never had any dreams of winning, I guess I wanted to prove to myself that I still had it. Even though I can’t sing like I used to, I have trained my voice and not accepted defeat.

I have a good set-up at home and sing nearly every day now, rehearsing for the next WKC and trying out new songs.

So I guess, I’ll be brave and leave something on here for you to listen to, or not. I’m not a professional, I don’t claim to sing like an angel, I just love singing.

Day 12 #MarchoftheWriter


Ooooh, this is a good one.

Tolkien’s, Lord of the Rings, inspired me to write my YA fantasy duology, Illusional Reality.
However, you will not find elves, trolls, hobbits, dragons or wizards in my books. They are unique in name and character no stereotyping for me.

Did you know I was one of the managers of the UK Lord Of The Rings fansite?
I knew everything you needed to know about the books and films. And I can tell you that even though LOTR is the best movie EVER made, the fans were not happy. They believed that essential scenes were left on the cutting floor or never even filmed. Me, I was happy with how much they could fit into the movies.

The OUTSIDERS by S.E.Hinton was the reason I became an author. It was the film ( and book) that inspired me to write my own novel. In Times of Violence. I had a story to tell and I wanted to get my novel on the reading curriculum at schools. (That never happened) but my book, which was once my bestseller, was the one that started it all.

The film stared the brat pack, Emilio Estevez, Rob Low, Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, Matt Dylan and the rest of the greasers. Many of those actors played the next main roles, in her other book-based films, like Rumble Fish and Tex and That was Then This is Now.

You have heard me mention his name once or twice in these #MarchoftheWriter blogs.
Yes, it is my man Mr Quentin Tarantino. I must have watched every film he directed ( and acted in) but it was the film Death Proof, that inspired me to write Lawless Justice.

So they are just a few films that I have admired, loved and helped me as an author.
Special mention to West Side Story, Basketball Diaries, Drugstore Cowboy, Wild Ones, The Godfather trilogy, Goodfellows and Romeo & Juliet.