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A Rant & A Cry

If you’re a regular listener to my live radio show, Author Assist on the Artist First Radio network, you know how the show works. Okay, sometimes I throw in a few surprises for my guest like making them sing, live on air and getting them to take part in a quiz, they knew nothing about.

Well, on the last show, Friday 8th April, I did two things I’ve never done before in the five years I’ve been on the air. I had a rant, and I cried. I’m not going to tell you what the rant was about or why I cried, you need to listen to the show and find out.
As well as those two monumental occurrences, we have awesome music from Lola Black and her hit single Hot Enough. Live readings from two of my flash fictions from my Collection, Heads & Tales, and my wonderful guest, Teri M Brown, who also does a reading for you.

So plenty of entertainment. You can listen to the archived show here.

Download a copy of Heads & Tales

Meet Teri M Brown. On the podcast Behind The Pen

Ans find out more about Lola Black and her music

Check out Teri M Brown’s debut novel, Sunflowers Beneath The Snow

Day 31st #MarchoftheWriter

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And the fat lady is singing.
Elvis has just left the building.
The show will not go on.

And now the end is near and so I say it’s nice to know you.
My new friends, I say it clear I hope you’ll stalk my social media please do
I lived a life that full and thanks to you, I’m smiling all-day
But a rebel doesn’t listen to rules.


Day 29 #MarchoftheWriter

Unpopular Opinions!!!

What’s popular but you HATE?

Movie: Any Batman film.

Book: Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Food: Steak

Band: Beetles

Artist: Leonardo De Vinci

Location: Philippians

Drink: Iced tea

Song: Hey Jude

Author: Stephen King

What’s on your list?

Day 15 #MarchoftheWriter

 How do you social?

On Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Linkedin… actually that’s not what this is about.

How do you connect with other writers, with your tribe and with potential new readers?

I have two answers for you.

The first; Go Indie Now.
Yep, you’ve seen me mention the media platform Go Indie Now and the workaholic, Mr Joe Compton.
Joe has created a platform where the indie community can meet, chat have heated debates, get drunk at Joe’s bar (Just kidding) – no I’m not!

Find out about new indie films, books and what’s hot in the gaming community. These shows, panels, interviews, and reports are entertaining for the public and the indie community.
Authors, there is so much you can learn from those that have done it all. We’ve all made mistakes so learn from those that have tried and failed but don’t give up. Get tips and get the inside scoop on what’s going down in the indie world.

Have you always wondered what’s inside a writer’s mind? How do they build these magical, dangerous and extraordinary worlds? How do they come up with the characters you love, with the plot twists and write stories that will keep you turning the page and gasping for more?

You will find these answers and more on the media platform Go Indie Now. So please support Joe and all the hard work he does for the Indie community. Seriously, this man just never stops.

The reason I mention this in my article about being social, is I have made some wonderful connections and long-lasting friendships with indies I’ve met while being a guest on the shows. This then takes me to their safe place. Their group, where I’m welcomed and treated as one of the family. Thus creating more connections and friendships, thus learning more from my peers.

Please subscribe to The Go Indie Now YouTube channel and take a look at the shows he hosts. Watch and be entertained, leave a comment and like the videos.
Thanks, and remember, it’s always time to Go Indie Now

And my other way to socialize is not knowing who is Behind The Pen. (Did you see what I did just then. lol)

Podcasts, Zoom interviews, Radio shows, they are so hot right now. If you want to find new readers, you have to step up, show your face, and let us hear your voice. There are thousands out there waiting to hear about exciting new books and authors they have never heard of. The world is yours to conquer!
Okay – maybe I went a little too far with that last line. But I’m sure you understand what I’m trying to say. People don’t know you. They don’t know your name, they don’t know your books, and now you have a chance to be seen, heard and noticed.
If you’re camera-shy, contact podcasts and radio stations. If the camera loves you, get on some pannels, shows and interviews. Your readers are out there waiting.

Behind the Pen is a YouTube show and audio podcast where I chat with all artists; musicians, authors, illustrators, writers, editors, anyone who uses a pen for work.

Day 13 #MarchoftheWriter


This is a hard one for me. As I’m so busy working many hours with Author Assist, I find it hard to make time to write, let alone think about self-care.
I guess when I’ve finished a book or got something done in time for a deadline, I start to breathe again. Meaning I take a deep sigh and then move on to the next project.
I don’t have any quirky traditions I do at the end of my first draft. I write The End and sigh.

However, receiving the final copy in my hands is another matter entirely. If you’ve seen my live feeds of my opening. You know I’m practically jumping up and down and have tears in my eyes. It’s a very special moment that I want to share with the public and especially my readers and tribe.

I do have another hobby, other than reading (see last blog post) I love to sing. I sang in choirs, I’ve sung lead in a rock band and I even represented Greece in the World Karaoke Championship.
Sadly there is a downside, for those that don’t know the other side of my life. I have bad health with two serious medical conditions, that affect my daily life. Last year one of them, decided to take away the second passion I have and that is to sing. It decided it would mess up my vocal chords. If I talk for too long, my voice breaks and I can no longer talk. Now imagine that happening when you try to sing, how much more strength and use the vocal chords have when you sing. So much power is needed from them. But I’m not one to give up so easily. I refused to allow what the Drs told me to be true. So with the help of my daughter who has an amazing voice, I started looking for a song that I could sing without too much effort. Songs that I could train my voice to sing. And so I did. And I had a wonderful summer, showing off these new songs that I now tackled with and won. And I entered the WKC and got to the semi-finals, which was exciting. I never had any dreams of winning, I guess I wanted to prove to myself that I still had it. Even though I can’t sing like I used to, I have trained my voice and not accepted defeat.

I have a good set-up at home and sing nearly every day now, rehearsing for the next WKC and trying out new songs.

So I guess, I’ll be brave and leave something on here for you to listen to, or not. I’m not a professional, I don’t claim to sing like an angel, I just love singing.

Day three of #MarchoftheWriters

Writing Muzak

You all know that I dabble in lots of different fiction genres, one would think every genre would come with a different genre of music. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong!

No matter, if I was writing my YA fantasy duology, Illusional Reality, or one of the OUTLAW dark romances series, or even some poetry ( rarely ) I would always have music on in the background, or coming through headphones, as it helps me get lost in the world I’ve created.

And the genre of music? Those that know me well. \m/

I’ve never done a playlist in my books. I probably never will. I doubt my readers would care what I listen to when I write. But here’s a few, so you get the idea. Each song tells its own story, Epic shit!

This last one is very special to me. It’s the song that I used to sing when I sang lead in a rock band… back in the day. Yep, I could hit those F-ing notes!

1 Year With The Audio Podcast Behind The Pen

So to celebrate I had the audio podcast and the YouTube show both release this special episode at the same time.

This is about looking back at the last year, building solid friendship, and for me being completely open with you about something personal.

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Meet ACNH – rapper, hip hop artist

Or as I like to call him, Darth Vader, and he holds his hands up to being a Star Wars Fan.

ACNH is a recording artist, rapper, hip hop artist, and a huge fan of Eminem who’s music also inspired him to make his own. And as soon as you listen to one of ACNH track’s you can hear the Eminem influence straight away.

Love for music always starts somewhere. It could be a Gospel Choir or rapper from the musician’s younger days. For ACNH it was sitting down with his nan watching musicals.

Poetry plays a huge part in starting him off as a rapper. He freestyles and enters rapping contests where you “politely” roast the person opposite you.

ACNH was a great guest to talk to. Our chat flowed, and we laughed while getting to know each other. We also found out that we both love of heavy metal music.

Here’s the full interview

And you check out his music and his social media platforms by clicking on this link.

And his new album lyrical execution  will be released September 4th 2021

No Comparison

Nah, that’s wrong it’s n0_c0mparis0n and don’t you forget it!
No Comparison is not just a name, it’s a lifestyle.

N0_c0mparis0n is a Producer, Lyricist, Engineer & Music lover representing for North Carolina for over 20 years.

With DIY studio, teaching himself how to mix and produce via YouTube videos, he can put some of the best artists in music, to shame.
I got to chat with n0_c0mparis0n and he has such a passion for music and in all genres. It was the fabulous LL Cool J who sparked his love for music and then his brothers (yep talented family) that kept feeding his passion. Talking of food, his mum wasn’t impressed when he spent his lunch money buying vinyls.

Moving on a few years, n0_c0mparis0n now has managment with Liquid3_6 and now it’s time his music was heard and he was seen.

Watch this episode of Behind The Pen, with multi talented n0_c0mparis0n

So this link will take you to all of n0_c0paris0n social media and videos, podcast and songs.

This is one of my favourite tracks love the background melody and then the beat comes in and it’s just dope! But a 40+ mother doesn’t talk like that so let’s just say its frigging awesome!