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Who is Jackie Bertolette?

I will tell who is is NOT. She not an editor of a magazine that talks about dieting and how to lose weight, advertising stick thin models and promoting how we all should dress and ignoring the real women and men out there. Ignoring diversity.

Jackie Bertolette is a women on a ‘Mission’. She has opened up a platform that allows a never before seen, designer a place to showcase their work, a makeup artist that has never had the opportunity to work with catwalk models. For models of all shapes, sizes, race and sexual orientation . Everyone is included. Diversity is a must for Jackie and her volunteer staff of Haute Ohio Magazine.

This magazine may centre around Ohio and the Mid-West. but it’s download and shipped world-wide. Sadly it hasn’t reached the shelves where the top editorial magazines sit.

But it really should.

Jackie is such an awesome person for what she doing, that other magazine editors and creative directors should sit up and take notice. Things have changed and Jackie is embracing this change with open arms.

I get the opportunity to chat to Jackie about Haute Ohio Magazines and all the small business she owns and is involved in.
This is a must watch interview.


FB : @Haute Ohio Magazine

IG, Twit YouTube:  @ohfw_official

Rosegal Unpackaging Episode 1

So these are my videos showing you the clothing, household products, jewelry and accessories for all the family.
I do not get paid for these reviews nor do I get the items free.




The truth behind Rosegal products

This is the first video of what will be an very interesting channel. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave comments if you like.
I never sugar coat my opinion so you know you will get 100% honesty in these videos. BTW I DON’T edit.