Day 19 #MarchoftheWriter

  Method to your madness

There’s certainly a method I follow with all my books. First, I break the rules constantly. But hey, that’s my style. My books are easy to read, thrilling page-turners. Explosive!

I had a hard time getting around the well-known phrase ‘SHOW DONT TELL’. It’s instilled in me now, but my editor still catches my slip-ups.

I love writing in first person, as it helps me get into the mindset of the character, to feel her thoughts and experience the good and bad with her. However, some of my stories are in third person.

I always start my books off with a conflict. A scene where the reader HAS to know the reason for the conflict, and the conclusion. Once that scene is done, the plot is set and characters introduced then the rest will flow and if I get stuck on a spot, I will skip it, write another scene with a fight, sex or something dramatic happening in it, then I can go back to the scene I was stuck on, and continue.

I put a lot of twists in my storylines that throw a spanner in the works. The strange thing is I don’t do these twists deliberately. They just happen naturally and it’s not until I read the chapter back, that I’ve realised what I’ve done.

I’m trying something different with the new book I’m currently working on, In Times of Violence Adult edition. It’s risky and I haven’t tried doing this before, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
I’ve mentioned earlier about when you get into the zone and characters start talking, you listen and you follow the path. Well, the path took me in a whole new direction causing the genre of the book to change, and I didn’t want that. So there is a time skip of a year and I’m going to write a novella, of everything that happened that year. For readers to have the choice to buy the book or not. The story works well as a straight one year skip, but I think the novella will be an exciting addition to the new book. It’s a risk, but sometimes you have to step out of the box!

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