No Comparison

Nah, that’s wrong it’s n0_c0mparis0n and don’t you forget it!
No Comparison is not just a name, it’s a lifestyle.

N0_c0mparis0n is a Producer, Lyricist, Engineer & Music lover representing for North Carolina for over 20 years.

With DIY studio, teaching himself how to mix and produce via YouTube videos, he can put some of the best artists in music, to shame.
I got to chat with n0_c0mparis0n and he has such a passion for music and in all genres. It was the fabulous LL Cool J who sparked his love for music and then his brothers (yep talented family) that kept feeding his passion. Talking of food, his mum wasn’t impressed when he spent his lunch money buying vinyls.

Moving on a few years, n0_c0mparis0n now has managment with Liquid3_6 and now it’s time his music was heard and he was seen.

Watch this episode of Behind The Pen, with multi talented n0_c0mparis0n

So this link will take you to all of n0_c0paris0n social media and videos, podcast and songs.

This is one of my favourite tracks love the background melody and then the beat comes in and it’s just dope! But a 40+ mother doesn’t talk like that so let’s just say its frigging awesome!


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