Meet Lauren Robbins – Endorsed, Psychic Medium.

Is Lauren the real deal? Skeptics and those that think they may have a gift, need to watch the following video.

I started my chat with Lauren asking how does a Psychic get endorsed. And the answer is she was put to the test numerous times by two established boards of specialists in the field.

The test was talking on the phone to strangers and reading them and being correct to what she felt and heard.

There is much more to this story, which you will learn through this video.

I can honestly say I’ve never gone through anything like this before. It was enlightening, amazing and she just left me in awe. And it was one of the most emotional events I have partaken in.

Do enjoy this very special episode of Behind The Pen.

Since the video, I have now realized that EVERYTHING she said was related to the three people that came through. Every word, number, statement she made, was correct. But it took me at least 24hrs before all the pieces came together.

You can book an appointment with Lauren, or buy her book here.


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