Time For A Musical Break

I had the opportunity to chat with young and upcoming rap and hip hop artist 7o BENZO (pronounced seven o benzo)

His latest album Hood Quote which was released in February this year has a mixture of styles from freestyling to collaborations with other rappers. However, what makes 7oBenzo and this album more amazing is that he produced, mixed and made this album by himself whilst in lockdown. Using his small make shift studio in his living room and beat pad for his instrumental sounds, this whole album was created in lockdown and produced by just one person.

You can listen to the tracks on the album here.
Some of the songs are raw with emotion and energy, others are a little bit more laid back, however, all the tracks use explicit language and many of the lyrics refer to violence. So that’s the only warning I’m going to give.
I found 7oBenzo to be polite, and just talking to him displayed how much passion he has for rap and making music and being able to pull off making an album in his living room, just goes to show how talented he is.
Please watch this interview and get to know the man Behind The Pen.


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