Thanks for joining the Heroes and Heroines Blog hop as part of LitCon 2021.

We are excited to have you on this delightful adventure!  

Come along with us and meet some amazing heroes and heroines who may just win, or break, your heart. We have the supernatural, the unnatural, and the magical on this journey for you.  

If you enjoyed this stop on the tour, don’t miss out on meeting the other awesome heroes and heroines: 
Stop 1 Introduces Sigurlina from Horn of the Kraken 
Stop 2 Meet Derek who sees dead people
Stop 3 Meet THYA, a prophesied saviour to her kinsmen 
Stop 4 meet Othrun of A Drowned Kingdom 
Stop 5, Meet Fury and Havoc of the Hunters Saga
Stop 6 The Wild Hunted

These two characters are particularly fun because They are not the main characters. Instead, in each book we see them through the eyes of a different main character and get to see them the way that character’s view of the world has shaped their thoughts on these unique beings, but we rarely get glimpses into who Fury and Havoc truly are.

In book one, The Hunters, we primarily see them through the eyes of Chris Smith, a 17 year old outcast who finds his town invaded by vampires and who idolizes these unexpected additions to his rag-tag team trying to exterminate the vampires.

Chris sees them as heroes who he wants to be like. They are stronger than him and smarter. He suspects that they are more than human and he is enthralled by the idea. His viewpoints focus on all their strengths and appeal but he doesn’t really see the flaws that others see.

We get a taste of how some of the others in their group of ragtag heroes see these two mystical beings, but it is only a taste. A tease, if you will. There is a lot of fear, uncertainty, excitement, and distrust which shapes how each person views Fury and Havoc.

In book 2, The Hunted, we see them primarily through the eyes of two jaded beings who find themselves at Havoc and Fury’s mercy mercy to either learn to control the monster inside them or die at Fury and Havoc’s hand. It is fun to see how prior experience shapes the views.

In the end, you may discover your own view of Fury and Havoc. Are they heroes or selfish individuals bent on revenge. Are they damaged goods or has the trauma of their past shaped them to be the salvation to many?

Read The Hunters Saga and decide for yourself.

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