When you meet people that give everything unselfishly and ask for nothing back in return, It just makes you think about how much we take for granted.

Her first book Committee of One is about the time she lived in The Middle East, and instead of hanging with the Britsh ladies sipping tea and playing bridge, she decided she wanted to know the people, their language, and their way of life and so travelled through the camps; disgusted with what she saw and the state of their living conditions. Through this experience, she met a woman called Leila Wahbeh. Everything about her relationship with this lady, and their family had been written in a book causing the history of Patricia’s experiences to be in print for the rest of time.


Holt’s new book, EMPOWER A REFUGEE, Peace of Thread and the Backyard Humanity Movement, released in January 2020, shares the stories of refugee women in Clarkston, Georgia, a community of 51 nations in one square mile outside Atlanta, and Denise Smith, the Founder of Peace of Thread.  She and her volunteers teach the women to sew and sell one-of-a-kind handbags and accessories.  When they graduate from her training program they are given a sewing machine and supplies, enabling them work from home while caring for their children.  Like Wahbeh, Smith gives a hand up where she lives. 



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