Cannon Beach are taking you to the UpsideDown

Those who watch Stranger Things may recognise the title. The Upside Down is the debut track by Cannon Beach.

This is such a catchy tune. That’s officially released 30th October. This UK based band will be featuring in the break of November’s Author Assist Radio Show, on the Artist First Radio Network. At 1.30pm EST

Combining classic emo themes with a distinctive 80’s synth beat, Cannon Beach have concocted a signature sound in an unexpected way. Coming from the creative minds of producer Daniel Jeffery (Inherit The Stars), and singer Beth Connelly (Crimson Tide), Cannon Beach is an exploration into new territory for the pair, who have worked together in the past on previous projects, but never as a joint venture such as this.


Eager to create a more upbeat sound during these tumultuous times, Cannon Beach was approached almost as an homage to pop culture, reviving the futuristic sounds of the 80s and bringing them into the 21st century. When asked how they would describe Cannon Beach, Beth and Daniel said to “Well, we’re heavily inspired by popular movies, tv shows, video games…even our name ‘Cannon Beach’ is a reference to where they shot a scene from Goonies. We want to capture and recreate the same fun you experienced but as music. It’s new, yet totally nostalgic at the same time.” True to form for both Connelly and Jeffery, Cannon Beach is very much about coping with the hard times by surrounding yourself with things you love, in this case the very best that pop culture has to offer, and being reminded that you are not alone. 
Expect more single releases from the South Yorkshire outfit within the coming months.

Believe me, if this track is anything to go by, their album is going to be blinding. Keep your ears and eyes open for more from this band.


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