2x amazing illustrated children books FREE

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Welcome to Yoota Land of the Katers

A book for a child, written by a child.
(my daughter was 8 when she wrote and illustrated this book)

Welcome to Yoota and the land of the Katers. Come and meet SnowHorn and friends. Read about their adventures, but be careful the evil Katers don’t touch you as they will turn you bad as well.

Alexia Kanta spent one summer creating the land of Yoota. These wonderful strange creatures and their short adventures are all sprung from the imagination and creative talent of an eight-year-old- girl.

Imagination has no borders.

(Two years later aged 10, she wrote and illustrated digitaly her second book)

The Cupcake Cats Visit Yoota book 2

A crazy scientist has a great idea to invent cats with cupcakes on their heads. He kept one for himself and then put the others in a space ship, so they can explore space and the planets. They happened to choose Yoota as their new home. When they landed, they met the Katers and then the fun begins.

Download these amazing books even if you’re not a child. And thank you for supporting my daughter.



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