Who is Nick Larson?

While we’re waiting for award-winning author, Maria Elena Alonso Sierra’s new novel, A detective thriller called Hanging Softly In The Night. She’s decided to tease us with a short story.

A case that needs to be solved by Detective Nick Larson.

Detective Nick Larson is on the last stages of an investigation into a brutal murder. By all the evidence, this is a slam dunk—an open and shut case, with the killer caught on video committing the heinous crime. Easy. But something is wrong. Nick’s gut is on fire, sending signals worthy of a five-alarm blaze. So, he has two choices: if he ignores his instincts, the repercussions could be detrimental to the suspect. And if he’s wrong, there will be no justice for the victim. Only by reexamining the evidence, especially the damning video, will he be able to find the truth and solve the case.


She’s also giving us the first chapter of her new novel as a bonus.

So – what are you waiting for?

Download now!

Oh and it’s also on Kindle Unlimited


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