A fluffy ( cupcake) fairytale)


Gertrude wants to be the best baker and pastry chef in the city so she makes a deal with Mona the witch: one spell in exchange for her first-born child. The problem is, Gertrude doesn’t have a husband. Or a boyfriend. Or much interest in dating at all.

As the overly dramatic Mona occasionally stops by the flourishing bakery to see about Gertrude keeping up her end of the bargain, both women begin to realize that maybe the deal isn’t what will bring them true happiness. Soon, something more than friendship begins to blossom.

When tragedy strikes, Gertrude finds that she may lose the only family she has left. Is Mona a powerful enough witch to save the city from impending war and help the girl she is falling for? Can she let go of her regrets so she can move on to find her happily ever after?

“Once Upon a Pastry is a delightfully unique fairy tale for adults. This fun – and sometimes funny – the story begins with cupcakes and gets unexpectedly serious for a while. Though I would’ve enjoyed reading more details about the characters, especially Aunt Rhiann, the way it was written was engaging and the story flowed well. I will definitely read more from this author. Her voice is as unique as the story itself.”

Another author that’s not afraid to mix it up using a fairytale genre in modern times with a modern love story that doesn’t entail the usual MF dynamic. 


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