A Musical Break

Introducing Nadine Carina

Hailing from SwitzerlandNadine Carina is an electronic folk/pop songstress experimenting with in various genres while always keeping song melodies and a dream-like quality at the centre of her art.
After moving to England in 2010 to study at the renowned Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), Nadine releases a string of self-released music ventures, albums and EPs via American Label (Furious Hooves) and Swiss labels (Oh Sister Records, On The Camper Records and Stattmusik Records). Nadine‘s first album ‘Magic Box’ was released by Stattmusik Records at the end of 2011 featuring a collection of songs including traditional folk material alongside an array of experimental tracks.  Her second release ‘Little Bits’, a self-released EP, instantly captures the attention of Liverpool’s music scene in which she starts playing more frequently in clubs and venues. The city’s famous free magazine ‘Bido Lito’ have Nadine grace the front cover with a 2 page feature/interview while she is still a student at LIPA.
In 2012 Nadine travels between her home country of Switzerland and the UK to play many concerts. After a long stint of going back and forth, Nadineresides back in Liverpool and starts experimenting with a 4 track cassette recorder purchased from eBay. These experiments lead to an acoustic self-titled EP, which US label Furious Hooves release as a limited run of physical cassettes. The release is an immediate success and is sold out after only a few days. Nadine released the EP ‘Where I Love’ in 2013; her first time playing with a full band both live and on record, creating a dimension her other EP’s never explored; the 50’s & 60s era. The EP is greeted with a warm reception as Nadine is selected for the Orange New Talent Contest in Switzerland, and is invited to perform at the Caprices Festival on the same stage as Mika and Nelly Furtado. During this year, she is invited to play a showcase concert for Bido Lito and is nominated for the Liverpool GIT Award.
The album ‘Never Been To Heaven’ is released on 18th Sept 2015 through Swiss label Oh Sister Records. Following the release, Nadine plays a string of headline shows in the UK and as a support act for the Lapsley UK tour. The album gains recognition both in Switzerland and in the UK. The albums first single ‘By The Lake’ is featured for the online H&M Studio Spring Collection advertisement, and the second release ‘Crystal Eyes’ is included on official Spotify and Apple Music playlists, is played continuously on Swiss radio, as well as selected for a US short movie scene.
Nadine has collaborated with some interesting electronic producers over the years, including Sun Glitters for the collaborative split EP ‘SGXNC‘ (released on Abandon Building Records in 2016) and Swiss artist Sensu (Quartz Records). She has also played many concerts – a few notable examples are support for CoCo Rosie in Zurich, the dates at Daytrotter and Birthdays in London, Sofar in Manchester, Electrosanne Festival in Lausanne and the Liquid Room in Tokyo for the Red Bull Music Academy event EMAF.
Nadine has now completed her new album ‘Reverie’ which was recorded in a house in the middle of nowhere – in the countryside of Switzerland. From its infancy, the album aesthetic was to return back to a more organic sound and captures songs often spontaneously written during long sessions alone in the studio. In Nadine‘s own words ‘Reverie paints that sense of being pleasantly lost in daydreaming, in a haze of sweet loneliness and fading memories’
Reverie Album release date to be announced soon in 2019.

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