MC books you really need to know about (Pt1)

Romances aren’t always hearts and flowers. They can be dark, gritty, and dangerous. Here are books that fall right into this delicious category. 


DEVIANCE (The Chicago Defiance MC)
By KE Osborn
I’m broken.
My fractured pieces held together by the grit of my brothers.

My sanity—questionable at best.
My pride—rocked every time someone says I’m a cold-blooded monster.

It happened when she walked away. 
Forcing me to become the man I am today.
Now, she’s back with a threat on her tail, and I’m the only man who can protect her. My brothers don’t know the reason she left, but they’re about to find out.

This story is a hell of a ride—it’s chaotic, gritty, raw, and unrelenting. 

Love—it breaks you.

Will society’s outcasts survive their deviance?


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TARGETING DART (Satan’s Devils MC)
By Manda Mellett


I’m just your normal average member of the Satan’s Devils MC. I’ve no desire to be an officer, happy to ride in the middle of the pack enjoying the biker life-style to the full.
No commitments.
Nothing to tie me down.
I friend-zoned Alex when I learned her demons. Happy to help her fight them. That was all, wasn’t it?
I hadn’t a clue helping Alex was going to challenge me and my club in ways we’ve never been challenged before.
I didn’t know Alex would get under my skin and stay there. Nor that her sick son would change my life.
Had I left it too late to admit my true feelings? Had I lost her before I could explore my strange attraction toward her?


I needed money to save my son’s live. Desperation led me to audition as a stripper.
I didn’t realise my new occupation would gain me a friend, a man who for once stepped up beside me. It wouldn’t, couldn’t be more.
My feelings grew. I gave Dart the power to hurt me.
But my biggest enemy was still out there and coming for me. My ex wants me back, this time to kill me. He’ll take my son, a son he denies has anything wrong with him.
Would Dart be able to take on responsibility necessary to rescue me?


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HALE (Lords of Carnage MC)
By Daphne Loveling

A favor will kill you faster than a bullet.

It’s been years since the disaster that destroyed our lives.
Years of me trying to forget everything that happened.
Of trying to forget her.
I thought I finally had.

Now, the only girl I’ve ever hated
Shows up in the last place I ever thought I’d see her.

This world I live in –
the world she’s turned up in –
It’s too dangerous for her.

She needs my help,
Even though she doesn’t want it,
And I sure as hell don’t want to give it to her.

I can’t tell her yes.
But even worse,
I f*cking can’t tell her no.
I have to protect her,
Even though everything in me is telling me to just walk away.

She’s always been an addiction
One I’ve tried my hardest to resist.
I’m about to lose that battle.

I’ll go through hell for her.
Even if this favor ends up putting a bullet straight through my g*dd*mn heart.



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By Crimson syn


~The Exclusive Hellbound Lovers MC~
Where wicked deeds end in sinful pleasures.
The Hellbound Lovers are tough, ride hard, and love fiercely.
And when they set their heart on something,
There’s nothing stopping them from getting what they want.
Especially when that something involves top of the line curves
That make their engines rumble and purr like a smooth dream.
When these men fall, they fall hard,
And when impending danger threatens what they love most
They’ll do whatever it takes to protect it.
Duty and honor collide with wild passion in this sexy and dirty MC Romance.




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Lawless Justice
By Karina Kantas


Part 3 of the OUTLAW series (not a sequel)

LAWLESS JUSTICE vigilante MC thriller
Time for the boys to ride bitch!

Cass has just gotten out of an abusive relationship. Fed up with people walking all over her, she decides that her life has to change. Enter the Kittnz.
Now she can kick ass without remorse, get paid and serve the public at the same time.
She wished it was that easy.

These Kittnz have claws. Six empowering women that own the night.
Voted top ten of female authors of biker fiction.

“This book takes the typical tough guy biker gang, turns it into females, straps some leather and fishnets on it and goes to work kicking ass.”




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