Friday the 13th show!


Being that it’s Halloween very soon and my next show falls on Friday 13th, I thought I’d do a horror special.

My two wonderful guests are Sarah Kennedy author of  Suicide Stitch and Kelly Charron author of Pretty wicked and Wicked Fallout.

So tune in live for my fun and chilling horror themed show. Hey, it’s Friday 13th anything could happen……

Anyone can tune-in on their smartphone, wi-fi radio, tablet, laptop, or any internet device anywhere in the world by clicking: or logging on to and clicking on the “On Air” button.

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One thought on “Friday the 13th show!”

  1. Nice post! ; in the Menu-Tab on my page you can find my Halloween Special “Tale of a phantom”- I would like to contribute to your radio show with allowing you to read one of my dark poems or short stories


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