What a ride.


You know the fair ground rides that are fast, nerve-racking and you never know what comes up, a drop, a curve, a sharp bend. That’s exactly how I have been feeling these last two days.

So I finally found a winning formula for getting my book seen on Amazon. And it’s been a crazy ride getting there. It’s all about your ranking. 
In Times Of Violence started with a ridiculously high number –  I’m too embarrassed to type it out. However, in a matter of two days, my novel went to #21 in the bestseller listing. Then it went up to #35 then #65 I knew it had peaked and that would be it,  got so close I could almost taste it….  But then it shot back up and is #29 as I type this. 

A real yo-yo but oh so thrilling. I have now posted an Amazon ad and have lowered the price, which will come into play real soon. So there are no excuses. You have to go out and buy this YA urban romance.
Here’s a link so you can Take a look. 



And if there are any authors interested in learning this proven method, then sign up to the webinar which is going to be on two dates in September – only.



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