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Can you donate $1 a month?

I never knew about Patreon, until a few weeks ago. The thought of asking people for money left me cold. Then I realized how this could go to good use, and not straight into my pocket.

I am a host of a popular and fun radio show, Author Assist With Karina Kantas.  With regular listeners, and authors lined up to come on the show, it’s a shame that the show is only broadcast once a month.
I go live for one hour the second Friday at the month. This is not by choice. If I could, I would host my show once a week and the radio network is ready to give that to me .

Here is where the problem is. This radio network, one of the largest around with an average of 90.000 listeners for some shows, is independent. They have no corporate backing it’s not run by the government, which means they are not tied down and limited to what they broadcast, when and retain freedom to host any show they like.

Unfortunately, with that independence, comes a price – no really a PRICE. To cover their costs, hosts such as myself pay for air time. I think you’re starting to understand. To go live twice a month means more money is needed. 

As a Patron, you will be helping me to afford to host the show twice a month, which means 4 more authors will have the chance to get their message across, to tell people about their books and about plans for the future. More emails with promotion and marketing problems and questions can be answered and more indie bands can be featured. ( I cram a lot into one hour.)

And here the incentive! If you are a business owner, an author or a PA. Depending on your month’s donation, I offer prime time advertising, on my show, on the radio daily rota, on the show page, blog and FB. And if you want to help by being a patron and you’re not an author or have a business. You can give the reward to someone else.

Can you see how your donation can help others?

Be a sponsor and part of something great


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