It’s my party!

To celebrate the release of HUNTRESS in paperback. I’m having a party on the showcase.  This invitation is open to EVERYONE!
May 15th on FaceBook

Huntress wrap


What is the showcase?

Here you will find special offers, free books, giveaways, book and author news and much more. We will also have events and author takeovers here and everyone is welcome.
This is a multi genre book group. Posts will need to be approved by admin.
Authors, if you or someone’s book is on offer, please share it with the group.
Readers have fun. scroll though this library of diverse fiction and please get involved with any discussions.

Join now and DON’T miss the fun!    SHOWCASE

There’s going to be games, prizes, silly fun and a few more surprises.

Hey! What are you doing here? The party has already started!

Huntress is a urban romance/MC thriller. Book two of the hit series, OUTLAW.  Huntress is also a stand alone book.

This novel is suitable for 18+ because of the graphic subject matter.

Huntress is about revenge and retribution, a forbidden and dangerous love, and sacrifice in the name of blood.

PLEASE purchase the paperback from LULU.  As the author gets paid more royalties and “Zon ” is more expensive for you.

Ebook is available on Amazon.

FREE on Kindle Unlimited



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