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Chained in Desire is the forth book in the Enforcers and Coterie series, which has the momentum of a urban fantasy series but the fun and sizzle of a paranormal romance.

As a Mage Demon Enforcer, Victor Tremaine is one of the elite classes. Only a handful of mages have earned this distinction since demons are tricky buggers, especially those who have entered Earth illegally. Six months ago, he received an assignment — find and capture something that shouldn’t even exist: a human turned demon.

Imagine his surprise when she appears one day and attacks him.

Isabella Tuarez has been tuned into the emotions of others all her life. She’s only ever wanted to help, but that driving desire may prove to be her undoing. Escape from her captors should’ve been a happy time. Instead she found herself held by someone more ruthless. To survive, she must prove her usefulness.

She must kill an Enforcer.

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“Who are you?” she demanded, willing him to say anything but the words that would prove her theory. Taking on a Mage Enforcer was suicide.

Vic’s eyebrows furrowed, and he scratched at his stubbled chin. “You stalked me for over a week and then attacked me without even knowing my name? Should I be flattered?”

“I know your name, Vic,” she snarled, the knot in her stomach tightening with each passing second. Please don’t say it. Just be a mage who’s irritated the Overlord.

“Well that’s a start, although I prefer Victor. Vic is my street name.” He grinned and then bowed, somehow making it elegant instead of mocking. “I’m Victor Tremaine, Mage Demon Enforcer extraordinaire, second to none.”

Her world bottomed out with his words. Not just a Mage Enforcer, but one of the special ones. As Revenant had warned her, Victor hunted demons. Damn the Overlord to whatever hell he came from. She staggered back a step, ignoring the steadying hand he held out and the look of concern on his face.

She’d seen firsthand how swiftly his features mimicked emotion while he truly felt nothing. He wouldn’t fool her. Even now she sensed nothing from within him, an emptiness that scared her.

“I’m sorry,” she said, donning a meek and helpless expression while inching forward. “I didn’t want to hurt you, but I had no choice.”

The gap closed between them. She grabbed his arm and spun him face first into the nearest wall and winced at the resounding crack.

He laughed. The mage actually laughed.

“It’s not often a woman tries to harm me, at least, not so soon after meeting me.” He glanced at her and winked. “This might hurt my street cred, so let’s keep it between us, eh?”

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About the Author

Veronica Del Rosa

Veronica Del Rosa is a master at disguises. She can be a computer geek, an obsessed reader, a fun-loving mom, a sci-fi lover, a distracted gamer, and occasionally, a wise-cracking author. But don’t let the disguises fool you. First and foremost, she’s a romantic at heart.

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