Fantastical young adult adventure


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Illusional Reality
Fantasy romance suitable for new adult and young adults.

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This was very different then my average paranormal read, but that is why I love it. The dialogue is incredibly proper and I enjoyed the consistance of it. It is well written tale and I believe it is of good quality clean YA read and rate this book 5 stars.


I absolutely loved reading this book. It is unlike any other i have ever read and i was instantly drawn into the world of this book from the very start. The main character Becky gets stalked, injured and then finds herself in another reality and is known by the people in this new reality as a woman named Thya. She is not just any woman to these people. To them she is their queen and their savior and so Becky/Thya finds herself battling in a war using newly acquired powers that she never knew she possessed to bring this new world called Tsinia peace and harmony and so she battles against Kovon a Senx warlord. She doesn’t really want to be a part of Tsinia but finds herself making sacrifices and becomes attached to the people of this world and wants to do right by them and ultimately finds herself falling in love with Alkazar. This love is forbidden as he belongs to someone else but their love is meant to be. I absolutely loved these two characters and was rooting for them and their forbidden love from the start. I don’t want to spoil anything but the ending of the story is amazing. I would highly recommend that people read this book as its definitely a work of great masterpiece and you will not be disappointed.


From the very first paragraph I was totally into this book. We meet Becky, whose life is in danger and then she is whisked away to another world where her name is Princess Thya. We learn about a whole new world, about magical powers, Thya’s family history…oh and there is romance too. Looking forward to where the author will take us with the next book in this series.


I read during my commute, so I get 20-40 minute snatches of time, and that’s it. Having a book that is easy to read – and keep up with, is very important.

With most books, you have to back up a page or two. That is something I NEVER had to do with this one! It is well written and captures the imagination, guiding you into the new land and language with such easy grace that you hardly are aware of it.

Great read; great book!

Karina Kantas’s Illusional Reality is so much more than its initial premise. It begins in somewhat typical fantasy style with an “ordinary” young girl being transported to a mystical world where she is in reality, a princess.

But with powerful character and plot development Kantas takes us alongside our young heroine every step of the way in a story that can be read on several levels. This is achieved through evocative description, narrative which explains how this magical land of Tsinia ticks – and dialogue which is not only realistic, but skilfully used to carry the story forward.

A heady mix of dark danger, warfare and romance sees us reach the end of the story all too quickly, and we can but hope that Karina Kantas will bring our heroine back to Tsinia before long.



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