Is it worth it?

Everyone has asked that question more than once. As authors, we have high and lows and many times we ask, is it worth it?

You have 3000 likes on your face book page and only 70 of them get to see your posts!

You have 400 subscribers to your newsletter and yet only 35% actually open the letter!

You upload a new video you may get 75 views, but then when you check the stats the average a person watches is 11 seconds!

You finally find a trustworthy website that will sell your book and only take 2% commission, and even when your book is heavily discounted you still can’t get people to buy from the website!

Everyone is raving about your book, everyone one loves it and then you get two three star ratings!

No matter where you turn there is always going to be roadblocks and walls and you need to be strong you need to be thick skinned. Not every one is going to like your work. Stop second guessing. Smash down that barricade of self doubt  and get through that block or over the wall. Because you have it in your blood. Write for you. No matter how you feel at this moment, it WILL get better.

This is why I write. This is why I spend hours promoting my work and this is why I will continue and not give up.



Everyone struggles and could be going through difficulties. It doesn’t cost anything to say hi or give a smile, it maybe that’s all they need to brighten up their day.




One thought on “Is it worth it?”

  1. Reblogged this on The Magic of Stories and commented:
    Never a truer word has been written. It is hard work!
    This is my bookstore and like Karina says we’ve found somewhere to sell our books, but getting people to go and look is hard work.
    Please support Indie authors and reblog this post.


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