Someone loves Tsinia

I created this magical land from my imagination. When I use the term ‘there are no fantasy stereotypes in this novel,’ there really isn’t.  I wanted this story to be unique. The world everyone and anything in it to be unique. No matter how many fantasy books you have read you will not have come across a Telent  or a Portie. How about the power of Sonica or Yepsy. Ever heard of the Changlins?
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Step into the unique and fantastical world of Tsinia

Oh my, what a world Karina has designed here.
She has created her own planet, inhabitants, speech, dress, all unique and vivid.
Karina sets up some great and compelling characters. Thya, Alkazar, Omad, Kazer, Kovon, Siren are all intriguing for their own reasons. We love them, we hate them. I’ll let you make your own opinions.
This truly is a fantastical world with magical gifts, a reluctant princess, an angry warlord and oracles, and contains lots of espionage, treachery, suspense with a bit of romance thrown in.
I love it when a book doesn’t spoon feed the story to you and rather lets you discover things progressively and with an ending like this one, fair warning guys, “Cliffhanger ahead”.
I really enjoyed this unique and interesting story and I’m sure you will as well.


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