An author I wish more people knew about


Psychological thriller 


Julie Simpson had always suspected the dear couple who’d raised her were not her real parents. To her horror, she discovers her fears are well founded. Even worse, this couple took part in her abduction when she’d been just a baby. Julie longs to find out the truth, but she’s reluctant to start anything which might result in her mum and dad being prosecuted for their part in stealing her. She still loves them and wants to protect them.

Ultimately, the need to know her origin wins. Secretly, she seeks out her real parents and forms a relationship with them, but owing to the necessity to safeguard her mum and dad, it’s a relationship formed on lies.

Julie’s husband, John, who’s in on the secret, fears there is something odd about her new-found parents. Her birth mother, Jeanette, particularly strikes him as being insincere, but the uncanny resemblance between her and his wife Julie quickly dispels his fears. As the relationship deepens, John soon forgets his initial worries.

Perhaps he would have been wiser to heed his instincts for all is not as it seems. There is something odd about Jeanette. Her husband Arthur notices her changing, yet even he is totally ignorant of the conniving lengths she’s prepared to go to wreak her revenge.

Surprisingly, her revenge is not meant for her daughter’s abductors. There is another even older score that she wishes to settle. It’s a tale of lies, deceit, greed, revenge and much more.


All About Carol

I was born in Liverpool, England in 1945 and have lived in my current house in Lancashire for the past 37 years. I’ve been married for 49 years and have three married sons.

I started writing in 1985 when I produced several short stories, a series of children’s books and my newly published book on Kindle “TISSUE OF LIES.” Between 1985 and 1989 I also encouraged my elderly mother to write her life story whilst I started on my own biography. Owing to my commitment to my elderly parents, I didn’t take my writing too seriously until after they both passed away in 2012, aged 97 and 94.







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