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Halloween Trickery.

This may have been the first book I read by Barbara Chioffi.  I love authors that are diverse in genres. Barbara shows she can write in the genres of romance, Paranormal erotica and even horror.

How about a little bait and switch? Three horror tales, each with a twist, three shifters with their own brand of terror. SILK, THIRSTY, and PREY will definitely keep you guessing. Intended for 18+.

Quote from an Amazon review

“Her style flows and she has a way with words that gives the reader a full visual description without drowning the reader with description. I love that about her style and it builds anticipation. Each story contains a twist that I didn’t see coming. I’m not sure I could pick a favorite of the three stories – they are all excellent!”

And here is my video review.


Angel Mine


Jeza is a gorgeous redhead with a broken heart. One afternoon, she meets a handsome stranger at a local gun range and the sparks fly.
Instant attraction results in a hot romance, but trouble looms on the horizon. Her former abusive boyfriend returns to reclaim her with dangerous intent.

Amazon review

Jackson is a sexy cop, who cooks and protects. Jeza is a lonely bookstore owner who has lost her family. Both of these people are a bit skittish about trusting, because of bad relationships in the past. But when Jeza needs help, Jackson doesn’t hesitate to come to her rescue.
This is a sizzling hot short, and a very easy, quick read. If you’re looking for something steamy you can read in an hour, or so, this story is perfect! 🙂


Lycan Heart    (pst – this is my favourite)



Julia Monroe has been wandering all her life…from one foster home to another, then one job to another. She meets a wealthy man, Robert Flannery, who becomes her employer. His son, Justin, is attracted to Julia and reveals himself to her; first as his wolf persona, then in his human form. As their relationship develops, Julia learns more about the secrets the Flannerys hold…ones that will lead to love, friendship, and danger

Quote from an Amazon review

perfect length for a quick entertaining read yet the characters are rich and developed. Her writing is impeccable and the stories easy to follow. Lycan Love is an absolute joy to read!

And here is where you can find these exciting stories.

You can also find Barbara












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