The Voice of One

by Victoria H. Loren

The auditorium was packed with a noisy crowd anxiously waiting for the program to begin. Laughter erupted from a group of spectators who were entertained by a theatrical improv performance of several young adults seated on the second row. One podium stand centered on stage held several mounted microphones. The cordless microphone lay on a shelf for speakers who needed more freedom to engage with the audience. Motivational speakers usually held the interest of the audience and today’s event was no exception. The soft footsteps upon the wooden floor of the little girl hushed the crowd. She stopped beside the podium pausing long enough to pick up the cordless mic. Bright eyes looked out into the crowd. Her hands trembled, as she held the microphone in front of her lips. The courage of this small child had captivated everyone. She spoke only two words, “One voice.” The power of those two words had a profound impact on the audience. The thunderous chant of the words “one voice” was deafening. Of course, the program continued, but the image of the little girl and the vision she shared with the world never faded. One voice can make a difference, your voice.

I am Victoria H. Loren author of the Legacy of Trust Trilogy. The accomplishment of being a published author is one that I am extremely proud and yet, I am also humbled. The journey is one that unifies fellow authors, artists, friends, and family. I am blessed and thankful for the support of such people in my life. Reading and writing have always been a passion for me. I remember the first time I walked into a public library as a child, I was inspired by the tall, stacks of countless books. I’ll never forget touching the books; the smell of the pages, being spellbound by the colorful photos and stories that had the power to transform the world. The gift I received from the author’s work was one that has remained with me to this day. I never dreamed it would be possible for me to become a published author. After the death of my father, writing provided a means for me to find a new direction in my life. While writing truly is my passion, during this period of my life, it became a spiritual healing for me. The emotion of such a great loss empowered a greater feeling of love and peace. I am extremely proud of the completion and publication of Blind Trust, book one of the Legacy of Trust Trilogy. The treasured manuscript was written over ten years ago, and through the support of my family and friends; I found the courage to seek publication.

After the shock and excitement of my first novel being available to the world, the real work began. Marketing is an effort that can be successful and even fun with a little teamwork. True, this can be a terrifying step with the vast choices of marketing available. The odds that a novel could hit the best sellers list instantly are not exactly favorable, but not impossible for some. Realistically it takes hard work to promote the visibility of your book. Social media can be an instrumental tool to promote your work through multiple platforms. Inspiration comes in many forms, don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of marketing to find what works for you. I believe, each author brings diverse views, standards and qualities to their work, and can promote with heartfelt conviction. I will always work hard to improve and continually strive to learn and grow as a writer. My writing reflects an artistic, poetic style and balances a realistic view with fantasy. The dark undertone interlaced with a little romance is a powerful mix and totally unpredictable. Life provides countless visions and inspirations. I see the world through the eyes of an artist, and love to give the images a voice.

My hope and dream in life are to inspire others. I believe we all have a voice and that just one voice can make a difference.


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