Film review for World War Z


I guess I was expecting a film along the same lines of The Walking Dead, after all it was the popularity of the TV show that called for a film to be made.  But I was surprised to see if was more of a thriller rather than a horror. Not that I’d let my oldest (9) watch it, but there was hardly any blood or scary faces, in fact, I could say that the ogres from Lord of The Rings were scarier than these Zombies.
However, the film was great.
I’m glad they didn’t go through a long scene of how the virus started and spread, instead it was done in a matter of seconds.
I think my favourite clip of the movie was when Brad Pitt counted the seconds it took for a person to turned into zombie. It was only 11. So you can just imagine how long it would take for a city to be overrun that was what was terrifying about the film.

As for Brad Pitt’s acting skills, I’ve seen better. The main character didn’t really have much to say or do. The film was about the action and the people around him. Although Brad was a hero in the movie, any leading actor could have done the part just as well. No Oscar sorry Pitt.
What was off putting about the film was the speed of the action scenes, they went through so fast it was hard to distinguish what was going on and then there was that dreaded shaky camera syndrome, seems a lot of film are doing this.
And the best thing about the movie was that they didn’t overuse the special effects.

Talk about snakes on a plane, try zombies!

4 stars for effort.


2 thoughts on “Film review for World War Z”

  1. it does look good…but i’m a zombie movie lover….with blood and guts. so the part where you said not big on the special effects worries me a bit. i am, however going to give it a try. thanks for the review. ❤


    1. Oh, don’t get me wrong there are lots of special effects I love the part in the movie where the zombies climb on top of one another to make a hill/ladder. I’m just happy it wasn’t over done.


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