Iron Maiden in Paris (Bercy Arena) on July 1st...
Iron Maiden in Paris (Bercy Arena) on July 1st 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Iron Maiden is notably the best rock band in the world. The band consists of six of the most talented musicians and song writers in rock!

What separates them from other great rock bands is sheer determination to give 100% to their fans. It’s never been about trying to make as much money as they can, or making records for air play; these guys love to play, sing, and entertain.

Steve Harris, who plays bass and writes the lyrics to many of the Maiden songs, founded Iron Maiden back in 1975. Even when band members dropped, and at one point there didn’t seem to be a band, fans stayed loyal. Steve never became disillusioned. Determined to keep the band going, he saw the magic even before we did.

As well as being one of the best bass guitarists around, if it wasn’t for him, Iron Maiden wouldn’t be here.

I salute him for his stubbornness.

Bruce Dickinson is lead vocalist and in my opinion IS Iron Maiden. He’s the front man for the band and his stage presence and vocal talent is awesome.

I confess I lost interest in Maiden when Bruce went off on his solo career, and Blaze took over vocals. Nevertheless, my love for the band returned when Bruce came back. It wasn’t that I was a fan of Bruce Dickinson, I was a fan of Iron Maiden with Bruce as lead vocals. I think many fans feel that way.

Nicko Mcbrain is the drummer and brings a comical presence to the band. He’s one of the best drummers I have ever heard. Have a listen to Where Eagles Dare.

Dave MurreyAdrian Smith and Yannis Gers, play lead guitars. Acoustic, rhythmic, there is nothing these guys cannot play. What surprise me about this band is after all the numerous albums, they continue to create unique songs. Each guitarist comes up with their own riffs and lyrics, which gives new songs a fresh edge.

With any other rock band it might have been a mistake to have three lead guitarists. However, the songs as so epic, there’s plenty of melodies and riffs, and each gets a chance at their own solo. These guys work together like a well oiled machine.

Classics such as Hallowed Be Thy Name, Run to the Hills, Fear of the Dark, Can I Play with Madness, are rock classics that will never go out of style. Maiden still continue to play these songs in their concerts. The fans demand it.

Iron Maiden concerts are electric. After years of world-wide tours, the band hasn’t lost any of their energy or enthusiasm to play live. The stage productions are amazing, with lighting and theatricals that are second to none. Iron Maiden concerts are not to be missed.

The albums continue to get better. The songs are epic stories that take you on a journey through long, intricate riffs and great melodies. The bands talent continues to grow, as do their fans.
Fans are loyal to Iron Maiden because the band has never let them down. Continuing to release great albums and bringing their music to as many fans as they can with exciting, energetic live performances.

My favourite track at the moment, which I play repeatedly, is Journeyman. A haunting rock ballad with catchy lyrics I can relate to.

When I sit down to write, Iron Maiden is always playing in the background. The lyrics and melodies of their songs inspire me.

Many of the short stories in my new collection, Heads & Tales, are inspired from the Best of the Beast album.

When I’m asked in interviews about what inspires me to write; Iron Maiden always comes up.

Iron Maiden continue to travel the world via ED Force One, and playing sold-out concerts. The Final Frontier album reached number one in a record of 28 countries and sold 800,000 copies in the first week.

Check the website for future tour dates.

Up the Irons

Long may they reign!

Cover of "Best of the Beast"
Cover of Best of the Beast

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